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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jasmere.com Blog Hop Sponsor

jasmere_logo About Jasmere.com:

  1. Jasmere features high-end merchandise from the nation's top web merchants.
  2. Our sales begin and end at noon each weekday. Some items have limited supply, and once it's gone, it's gone.
  3. Prices always start at 50% off or better.
  4. As more people buy, the price gets lower. We won't charge your credit card until the sale ends, and everyone pays the day's lowest price.
  5. Refer your friends, and earn $10 jasmere credit for each one that becomes a customer.
  6. Find us on Facebook, where we offer a prize every single weekday.
  7. Spread the word, and we'll all save more!

Some examples of the the companies they’ve worked with are:

  • ‘love bottle’: reusable glass bottles
  • Ruva Cards
  • Kids Konserve
  • dolma jewelry
  • My Lucky Wish
  • Sweetteeth

They will be offering a $25 gift card to Jasmere.com!

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