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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hip Hip Hurray Giveaway Linky

Alrighty, so we're on the road. We've made it to my sister-in-law's just outside of Chicago. Hence us just getting my linky up.

Make sure you check out my 3 current giveaways and link up your own below.

Heart & Soul Candies Ends 12/30

Orient Automatic Watch Ends 1/4

$50 Tiny Prints Gift Certificate 1/6

To add your giveaway linky you must link to your giveaway not to your homepage! It will be deleted if it doesn’t. Spam will go as well. If you believe I’ve deleted your linky by accident, please let me know.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oceanhouse Media Apps

I was sent a really timely opportunity to review a couple of apps for my Droid2.

Oceanhouse Media turns children's books into apps! It was timely because the two books I was able to review were:

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas


The Cat in the Hat

There are 3 options when "reading" the story.
  1. It can auto play and just go thru the story
  2. Read it to you
  3. Read it yourself
The graphics are perfect. There are instructions on how to interact with each of the pages. You can touch objects on the page and the app will tell you what they are: "grinch", "tree", "Who-ville", etc. The sound effects are really good, too.

Also, if you leave the application for any reason, when you go back to read it again, you have the option of resuming where you left off or starting over. When you "turn" the pages, you actually hear swishing of the page.

You can stay up-t0-date with Oceanhouse Media's releases by signing up for their newsletter, following on Twitter, and liking them on Facebook.

Oceanhouse Media has over 140 apps, including 7 Christmas titles for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Androids. Some titles you can choose from:

  • Tacky the Penguin
  • The Berenstain Bears
  • Spookley the Square Pumpkin
  • Little Critter
Here's a link to view their current FREE apps!

I'd like to thank Oceanhouse Media for the opportunity to temporarily review the apps on my Droid2. The opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.

Green Giant vs Santa YouTube Video

Wanted to thank the team at MyBlogSpark for sharing this video.

Have a very Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Supercharge Your Gift Card & Cash Too From Hasbro: Free Toys

Just because the holiday season will soon be over, it doesn't mean the spirit of holiday giving has to end, too! Thanks to Hasbro, the cheer will last a little longer with the "Supercharge Your Gift Card and Cash Too" program.

With "Supercharge Your Gift Card and Cash Too," Hasbro is rewarding consumers who spend $20 or more in gift cards (or cash) on select Hasbro toys and games with one of more than twenty FREE Hasbro toys and games valued at $10 or more. The promotion begins on 12/25/10 and runs through 1/31/11. No matter what your kids are into, they're sure to love receiving a little something extra from one of these popular Hasbro brands:

- FurReal Friends
- G.I. Joe
- Hasbro Card Games
- Iron Man 2
- Littlest Pet Shop
- My Little Pony
- Spider-Man
- Strawberry Shortcake
- Tonka
- Tonka CHUCK & Friends
- Transformers
- Weebles

Friday, December 24, 2010

MISSING: Big Time Rush Order For My Son!!

Nine days ago my mom went to the "official" Big Time Rush website to order a package for my youngest son. My 7 yo watched their YouTube videos over and over while he wrote down all the words to their songs. Then he proceeded to sing them, over and over and over. He loves Big Time Rush.

When my mom was looking for ideas it just popped into my head that this would be one of the things he'd LOVE. She went to Amazon where they had the Big Time Rush CD for $6.99. Somehow she was redirected to the "official" website. I think she thought she found the mother load when she saw a package that has:
  • The Debut CD
  • Limited Edition Poster
  • Exclusive 'BTR' Funny Bandz
  • BTR Slap Bracelet
  • BTR Logo Youth T-Shirt (100% Cotton) - Sizing Info
  • Instant MP3 Download of "Til I Forget About You"
The price was pretty good so she purchased it.

Last night she realized the package hadn't arrived yet and went through her emails to see what was up. That's where she realized she hadn't received her tracking number yet. She tried sending them an email and nothing was working.

Finally I did a bit of snooping and I was able to send them an email. This morning this is what I learned from their response:

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience. As per the information available, your order is currently backordered. The order will be shipped to you once it is available in our Warehouse. If you wish to cancel the order, please get back to us."

backordered? BACKORDERED?

Does it list that it's backordered on the site so my mom knows not to purchase it? NO!
Did she get an email stating that this order is backordered? NO!

Not until I emailed them to find out where the heck her Christmas gift is for my son do they care to inform us that he won't be opening anything from them for Christmas. It wouldn't be so bad if we weren't at their house this year for Christmas!

From everything I can tell, this site is an affiliate of Sony Music.

I've contacted the "official" BTR website AND Sony Music to let them know how upset, read pissed off, I am at how this transaction has transpired. I asked them how long it will be before these orders ship and that my expectation is that they ship it to our home address so that my mom doesn't have to pay for more shipping because of their negligence.

If this is how an "official" website is run, then we should all be concerned! I hope no one else has ordered anything from this site and are expecting a gift for their child that they won't be receiving any time soon!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tiny Prints $50 Gift Card Giveaway

I absolutely adore personalized cards. Ok, not just cards, but pretty much anything. Tiny Prints has got a fantastic selection of cards, calendars, stationary, planners, and the list goes on, that you can personalize! What a great way to start out the New Year!
The great part about being able to giveaway a $50 gift card is that even though I didn't receive product from Tiny Prints to review, the day before I received this offer I had gotten a Christmas card from a friend at church who had purchased her cards through Tiny Prints.

Here's what Tiny Prints has to say about their site:

Tiny Prints provides stylish, modern and unique stationery from photo cards to personalized greeting cards to thank you cards
and business cards. Offering exclusive designs from the nation’s top designers, easy card personalization, a powerful preview engine and top-notch customer service and paper quality, their designs have been lauded by numerous television networks, publications and celebrities. With Tiny Prints by your side the Holidays will be a cinch! They offer adorable Thanksgiving Cards, Christmas Cards, Hanukkah Cards, and even New Years Cards. All fully customizable and personalizable.

I loved multiple things about the card I received. The first thing I noticed was the heavy, card stock they used for their card. I also liked the numerous photos included on and in the card. Then they were able to personalize it for each family member.

Now, I have to warn you, don't say I didn't. Tiny Prints may become habit forming. I'm telling you, you're going to go to their site and like this card, oh and then like this card, but wait then there's this card. You see where I'm going with this right?

I'm already thinking about what I can do for Christmas next year. I have 4 kids and it's important for them all to have equal time so I think this would be a great one where I could include 3 photos of each kid:

Seriously, the possibilities with Tiny Prints is endless!!

I really quickly wanted to point out a wonderful feature that Tiny Prints worked on. This year celebrities such as Courtney Cox and Reese Witherspoon created holiday cards to support EBMRF, which is a genetic disorder I just learned about this past week on a show entitled, My Skin Is Killing Me. I was riveted to the television because there was a precious little boy who was living with this condition and being treated in MN at the Mayo Clinic.

Now the fun begins for someone who'd like to win the $50 gift card to Tiny Prints.

Required: Visit Tiny Prints and tell me what your favorite card is!

Giveaway open to US Residents 18 yrs or older. Please leave your email in the required entry or have it available in your profile. No email/contact = No entry. Giveaway ends 1/6/11 at 11:59 PST. Winner has 48 hours to respond.

Extra Entries:

I'd like to thank Tiny Prints for contacting me to host a giveaway. My review is based on a card I received not in association with this giveaway and from viewing their site. The opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.

Hip Hip Hurray Giveaway Linky

First of all, sorry that I didn't get my Linky up last week! Getting ready to leave for out of town had my brain in a tailspin!

For today, I'm hoping I can do my linky without my Windows Live Writer. Using someone else's computer and not having the same programs is a bit foreign and I don't like it. Still wishing I had a laptop! Dell, HP you are welcome to contact me any ol' time to do a review on a laptop or netbook. Call me.

Anyhow, right now I only have a couple of giveaways to offer because I can't get my act together enough to do them well while on the road.

Heart & Soul Candies Ends 12/30

Orient Automatic Watch Ends 1/4

To add your giveaway linky you must link to your giveaway not to your homepage! It will be deleted if it doesn’t. Spam will go as well. If you believe I’ve deleted your linky by accident, please let me know.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Out To Dinner With Grandpa

We finally made it to my parents in VA! We met my mom and dad at a pizzaria a couple towns over from their house. It was so nice to see them. We had a hysterical time! Baby and I pretty much laughed the entire time. Here are my boys with their grandpa!

Make sure to check out these other fabulous WW participants: Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House, 5 Minutes for Mom and My Organized Chaos!

I accidentally posted my WW on this site and it should've been at my Woven by Words site!! SORRY

Bloggers Your Help Is Needed! Help Teens with Bipolar and Depression

This information comes from Robyn at Robyn's World Online. She said we were able to copy and paste from her site and since I'm at my mom's (just got here a couple hours ago) I'm only going to add a quick piece of personal information:

My 17 yr old daughter has ADD-Inattentive (just like good ol' mom) and has depression. She has dealt with this pretty much all her life and it's been a real test of faith. Here's more about what Robyn wanted to share including her own family information:

I am putting a call for help out to all of my blogging friends for you to please make a quick blog post (copy and paste whatever you want from mine even). Many of you already know that my son has a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and anxiety - we’ve had this diagnoses for over 10 years now (Taylor is now 16). Over the years the Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation has been a wonderful resource for me in so many different ways for information and support. Honestly, the information I have gotten at bpkids.org over the years has been so incredibly helpful for me and my family and I know it’s that way for other families also.

Right now CABF is in the running for a $250,000 grant from the Pepsi Refresh Everything campaign. They have to come in 1st or 2nd in order to get the grant money (as of today they have slipped to 3rd). So, I am asking ALL MY BLOGGING BUDDIES - Please, please, please take a moment to post on your blog about CABF and how to vote for your readers and share on Facebook and share on Twitter and just share any way you can so they can get some more votes and win! Below is a sample post you can use - take any or all of it - whatever works for you and your blog.

There are over 5 million U.S. youth who live with depression or bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, a very small percentage receive treatment. The Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation (CABF) is hoping to win a $250,000 grant from The Pepsi Refresh Project during December to raise public awareness and help more youth and their families who suffer from depression or bipolar disorder.

Youth depression and bipolar is seldom discussed. It affects 7% of all children in the U.S., yet only a small fraction receive treatment. We plan to launch an outreach campaign to inform parents about the symptoms of mood disorders and how to find help. The outreach will be accomplished via:

-Detailed Communication Plan

-Online ads

-Bi-weekly webinars

-Weekly podcasts

-Daily social networking

-150,000 brochures & 3 mailings to psychiatrists

Experienced CABF staff members will coordinate the webinars, podcasts and volunteer training. Our trained volunteer corps of 100+ around the US are ready to assist new families and youth who reach out to us in crisis. CABF has the capacity to refresh the lives of so many more youth!

The Pepsi Refresh voting allows you to vote daily in EACH of these ways for CABF, plus you can vote for 9 other organizations each day also to spread the love!

That’s right, CABF is going to give away THREE iPADs if they win! You just have to sign up for their daily email reminders about voting in order to be entered. Super simple!

Thank you all so much for your continued support and votes for this cause. It is very near and dear to my heart! xoxoxo

Do you have a cause that is also participating in this program trying to get a grant? Please share in the comments so we can vote for them as well!

Orient Automatic Watch Giveaway

I know that everyone has products they love to buy. Watches are one that I think I could never have enough of. One brand I would love to own would be an Orient Watch. They are so sleek and stylish. Personally I think they are gorgeous.

First let me introduce you to the gorgeous CDBAA001B Orient Metro Watch from the Urban collection. You have the choice of 4 different faces and 3 different bands. My personal favorite is the one with the white face and brown band. It has what they call the semi-skeleton that allows you to see the inner workings of the watch. Very cool.

Then there's the CDH00001W Orient Automatic Watch from the Executive collection. One of the cool features of the CDH0001W is that you can set it for dual time zones! So, if you or someone you know is a traveler, this would be excellent! This watch features the skeleton caseback so you can see the inner workings from the back.Now you've had a chance to drool over the gorgeous Orient Watches. Now it's your chance to own one of these beauties. Orient Watches is offering 1 commenter their choice of watch:

BNQ1X003H - Red face
BNQ1X003F - Green faceBNQ1X003J - Blue faceBNQ1P001M - Pink Face
CEM5J006U - Khaki Face

Required: Visit Orient Watch and tell me which watch you would love if money were no object.
Giveaway open to US Residents 18 yrs or older. Please leave your email in the required entry or have it available in your profile. No email/contact = No entry. Giveaway ends 1/4/11 at 11:59 PST. Winner has 48 hours to respond.

I want to thank Branding Brand for connecting me with Orient Watch. I received no compensation or product for this giveaway. My opinions expressed are from visiting the website and not from personal experience.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Eversave & Toys for Tots & Free Shipping

Eversave Logo 'Tis the season to give!  So we are excited to tell you that Eversave is donating 5% of the proceeds from today's National Online Save, ScoutCollection.com, to Toys for Tots!

To get some buzz going so that we can raise a lot of money, Eversave is also offering a $3 promo code to your readers!  Anyone who uses the promo code TOYS at checkout will save an extra $3 off this Save only. With this code, your readers will pay just $22 for $50 worth of kid-friendly, organic apparel from ScoutCollection.com. This code is valid through Saturday (12/18). Plus they get free shipping!

Thanks for helping Eversave promote this fantastic charity! Toys for Tots, a program run by the United Sates Marine Corps Reserve, gives toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy gifts for the holidays.  The Eversave team is so passionate about this charity that all of our employees are donating toys as well.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hasbro’s Gift To You For The Holidays

Hasbro Holiday time is the perfect time of year to break out the party games so we wanted to be sure to share with you a very special offer. While supplies last, Hasbro's Facebook page for adult party games, Game Night Fun, is offering FREE booster cards for two crowd pleasing games: TABOO and THE GAME OF THINGS... These cards feature custom content that spotlight news and events of 2010.

Be sure to snatch up your 2010 booster cards today!

Redeem this offer by visiting: www.facebook.com/gamenightfun and look for the Special Offer tab.

SWAGG Mobile App Review & Stand Up To Cancer Donations

SWAGGLogo I’ve never done an App review before for my fabulous Droid2, so I was very interested in trying SWAGG out.

SWAGG is available for Androids and Apple mobile devices. It was easy to download onto my phone.

Since my Droid2 is only a few months old I still have a bit of a learning curve with mobile apps. So far I’ve only really downloaded games for my boys to play.Swagg screenshotSo, what is SWAGG?

SWAGG allows consumers to import more than 250 brands of gift cards and rewards cards and, unlike plastic cards, SWAGG permits consumers to view available balance and reward information on most of these cards. Additionally, consumers can use their mobile device to give, get and even exchange SWAGG GIFTS from participating merchant partners such as American Apparel Inc., The Wet Seal Inc., Crocs Inc., 1-800-Flowers.com and Arden B. Through SWAGG, consumers can access the offers that matter most to them, connecting users with more than 3,000 retailers. Retailers benefit by acquiring new customers, increasing in-store business and retaining existing customers.

Here’s the chance for you to help Stand Up To Cancer, a wonderful cause!


Every download through the month of December = $1 donation from SWAGG to Stand Up 2 Cancer.

Now for my review. I tried navigating through the app and had kind of a hard time. I think once there’s money in your SWAGG account it’s easier to find your way through the tabs.

So what can you do with the SWAGG app? You can add any Rewards Cards you have stuffed in your purse or wallet. Instead of going to a store to get a Gift Card, you can give SWAGG to someone (in the United States) on their phone. swagg 2 screen shot

SWAGG and I started off on the wrong foot. Let’s just say I was a “test case” for SWAGG, who started up just before Thanksgiving.That’s what I’m here for people. *grin*

As you can imagine, any company just starting out, especially with mobile apps, is going to run into a few glitches that need to be fixed.

What was my glitch? I went to American Eagle, which is one of the companies SWAGG works with. While there I transferred my $20 SWAGG to an American Eagle card. The awesome manager at the AE store was a huge help in this.

Unfortunately the credit card kept being declined. Thankfully, SWAGG has their 877 number available in the app (below the card in fact) so we called them. Unfortunately, the rep wasn’t able to help us and I walked away without a purchase.

I was told they’d call within 24 hours, but I didn’t hear from them so I called back. At first the gal couldn’t find any of my information and said the supervisor would be calling me back, which she did. The supervisor went through all the information she found and called me back knowing exactly what was going on with my case.

I tell you what, when you have good customer service, it makes everything else seem insignificant! Amy was phenomenal and really worked through this with me. When we get to VA I’m going to an American Eagle there to try the card again.

If I remember I’ll come back and give an update! =)

I think the idea of SWAGG is fantastic. The idea of using an app instead of carrying around a bunch of gift card I think is a great one. It can be used online or in stores they work with.

I know that with time, SWAGG is going to be a major factor in taking the place of gift cards. I think they’re on the road to something good and I will be more than happy to use SWAGG instead of gift cards from now on!

I’d like to thank Mom Bloggers Club for the opportunity to work with SWAGG. I was given $20 to use for the review. The opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.

H&S Candies Sampler Giveaway

Heart & Souls Logo I had never heard of H&S Chocolate before. When it comes to reviewing chocolate, for your benefit of course, I’m a willing participant.IMG_4647

I was excited about being involved in this review because the company is faith based!

Heart and Soul Candies was founded on the premise that any pursuit that pushes the ceiling of excellence will earn the right to be heard. That is why Heart and Soul founder, Bill McGee, has been intent on developing a chocolate that rivals the various gourmet brands on the market, while also, intent on taking a unique position of delivering this excellent chocolate in creative packaging that conveys a scripture-based message worthy of being heard by all.

For my family the true meaning of Christmas is the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I realize our society has us focused on gift giving and the commercialism of the day. Of course, we give gifts as well. I’m not saying we don’t. Most years it seems as though we’re getting further and further away from the Truth.

I love that by sharing the Heart & Soul Chocolate you can share the Message with those in your life, especially during the Christmas season!

I tried out the Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. They are definitely melt in your mouth! I love their heart shaped and the fact that they’re such a thick piece of chocolate. They certainly don’t scrimp on quality.IMG_4642

If you are looking for a yummy stocking stuffer or a delicious gift, I would suggest trying out Heart & Soul Chocolates.IMG_4645The outer wrappers say things such as:

“Grace and Peace to you from God the Father” 1 Corinthians 1:3

“And so we know and rely on the love God has for us” 1 John 4:16

Their products can be found in Walmart, Ingles Markets , Family Christian Stores, Berean Christian Stores, and LifeWay Christian Stores nationwide.

Now one winner gets to try out some samples from H&S Chocolate.

Required: Visit Heart & Soul and tell me which chocolate sounds the yummiest.

Giveaway open to US Residents 18 yrs or older. Please leave your email in the required entry or have it available in your profile. No email/contact = No entry. Giveaway ends 12/30 11:59 PST. Winner has 48 hours to respond.

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Tweet the giveaway (1 entry daily) “RT #WIN Sample chocolate from Heart & Soul Chocolate @hscandy. Chocolate Pieces with a message #giveaway @bigguysmama http://bit.ly/eBdZO1

Like H&S on Facebook (1 entry)

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Enter any of my other current giveaways (1 entry each)

I’d like to thank DBA West for connecting me with Heart & Soul Chocolate. I was provided chocolate samples from H&S and they will be providing the giveaway product. The opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.

Logitech Gift Guide

logo-logitech 1. Aiming to keep loved ones connected, major steps in delivering on our vision of bringing HD video communication to everyone and anyone is full force this holiday season with the new HD Webcam C510. Hint: it's also the HD webcam that can fold up...perfect for stocking stuffers :)logitech-hd-webcam-c510

2. Another great stocking stuffer, Logitech's Color Collection. Choose mice, keyboards, and speakers to give those hanging socks a bit of techy edge.



3. Need great gifts for music lovers? The Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S715i and a series of cool colored ear buds from Ultimate Ears (Ultimate Ears 100) will satisfy any listener's expectations.rechargeable-speaker-s715i

4. Next, for those innovative and environmentally savvy family and friends, you've got to see how Logitech's newest Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 (yep, SOLAR!) will steal the spotlight -- and steal it efficiently, I might add.logitech-wireless-solar-keyboard-k750-feature-image

5. The Logitech Illuminated Keyboard K800 is another perfect holiday gift... it lights up in fun colors just like your holiday decorations!wireless-illuminated-keyboard-k800-amr-glamour-images

6. Finally, give the gift of comfort with the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550. The comfy design is great for around-the-home laptop use, gives off rich sound from its stereo speakers, and is just right for compact laptops and netbooks (and one of my personal favs I must say).logitech-speaker-lapdesk-n550I have loved the keyboard and mouse. There’s no set up with either item. You plug this tiny little USB in and off you go! It’s so awesome!

When I first used the mouse I had to really get used to it because this baby was zipping across the screen. I’m totally used to it now. My old, and I do mean old, plug in Logitech mouse was ready to be retired.

I absolutely love the swirl design on the mouse and keyboard. They just add that POP to make it stand out. And as always you know you can trust the Logitech team to create a quality product.

I’d like to thank Logitech for sending the Keyboard and Mouse products for review. The opinion expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Zippo Outdoor Line Review

productsHeader_OutdoorLine Ok, raise your hand if you thought of lighter when you read the word “Zippo”. Zippo is synonymous with lighters to me.IMG_4627

Well, who knew Zippo has an outdoor line as well? Makes sense when you think about it. In the great outdoors you need heat for warmth and cooking. What better company to trust than Zippo.

So what might you find in the Zippo Outdoor Line? Check it out (click on images to learn more):



flex-neck-headeroul-headerLet’s just say, I’m not an “outdoorsy” kind of girl in the winter. I go out to shovel and snowblow, but that’s about it. LOL I mean, I’m in Minne”snow”ta people.

hand-warmer-headerThe night of our snow storm I got these Zippo Hand Warmers ready to go and went out to do some shoveling and to take the trampoline down. Yes, it’s late in the season to take the trampoline down, but I’m a procrastinator.IMG_4632Filling the first one up proved to be a challenge for some reason. I got the lighter fluid all over the place. It wouldn’t light so I grabbed the 2nd hand warmer. This one filled up MUCH better and lit right away. I went back to the first lighter and finished filling it up and got that baby lit up too!IMG_4636I tried putting them in my mittens, but these hand warmers are HUGE! That wasn’t going to work so I stuck them in my pockets. After taking the trampoline mat off I ran it into the garage and stuck my hands in my pockets. Oh, the bliss in the middle of winter. I had happy, warm hands! I ran back and took of the springs and then started shoveling my sidewalk. I kept taking breaks to stick my hands in my pockets.

For the record, I wish I could just tape these up and down my body because then I could enjoy the snow in ways I never have! LOL

I came in and showed Doodle these Zippo hand warmers and he kept one of them holding it on his face. He did say they stunk, and they do smell like lighter fluid. I couldn’t care less. My hands were warm. As I’m sitting here talking to you, I have one sitting between my feet keeping them warm. Why waste it since it’ll be warm for the next 8 hours or so?

You can find Zippo:



I’d like to thank Zippo for sending my 2 Hand Warmers for review. The opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Paperspring StickyStock Calendar Giveaway & Discounts

paperspring logo Paperspring is offering 10% off all Holiday Cards plus FREE 2 day shipping on orders of $50 or more now until December 20.  Use code HOL10 to save 10% on any order and select Two Day Shipping during checkout to receive Free 2 day shipping on orders of $50 or more.

Ok, ready for a quick giveaway?

Paperspring is offering one of their innovative and exclusive items to one person!12 dec - landscape

StickyStocksolves the problem of having to tape up or use thumbtacks to post up a family or office calendar. StickyStock sticks to anything, even drywall, cabinets and stainless steel fridges. And StickyStock leaves no residue, much like a post-it. You can also write on the calendars with a pen or dry erase marker.

Required: Visit Paperspring and tell me which month you like the most and WHY (RV $19.95).

Giveaway open to US Residents 18 yrs or older. Please leave your email in the required entry or have it available in your profile. No email/contact = No entry. Giveaway ends 12/19 11:59 PST. Winner has 48 hours to respond.

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Enter any of my other current giveaways (1 entry each)

I’d like to thank Paperspring.com for offering one of my readers the chance to win this cool StickyStock Calendar. I have not received any compensation for posting this giveaway.

Warmly Yours Towel Warmer Review

wy-logo If I could’ve built my bathroom around the Warmly Yours Towel Warmer, I would’ve done it! I would’ve gotten the hardwired one and lived in bathroom bliss!

IMG_4591If you are looking for a last minute gift, oh man, go for this baby! Yah, women may say they don’t want electronics for a gift, but this sweet item will make the woman in your life happy, happy, happy!

Now, personally I have an issue with it because I have ADD and keep forgetting to turn this bad boy on! Ugh! My son asked for me to turn it on for him the other day because he’s so excited to try it out, but he was just getting in the shower and he wouldn’t be able to feel the true effects. Yah, he has ADD, too.IMG_4597

I actually wish there was an internal timer that turned it off after 1/2 an hour or so. I say that just as a safety device. The one that is hardwired, I believe, has a timing device.IMG_4592

I figure if they can put an automatic shut off in a curling iron, they can put one in a mechanism this large.

IMG_4600In my humble opinion, the lack of an automatic shut off really has nothing to do with how fantastic the Warmly Yours works and how much I loved it. Getting out of the shower to a warm towel this morning is absolutely dreamy!!

Oh and did I mention that Warmly Yours has other amazing products as well. Those of us in frigid MN will get a lot of use out of products such as:

  • Floor Heating (Tile, Carpet, Hardware, Showers, etc)
  • Snow Melting (Driveways, Patios, Roof/Gutters, etc)
  • Comfort (Towel Warmer, Mirror Defoggers, and Area Warmers)

I’d like to thank Pitch It To Me for connecting me with Warmly Yours! Warmly Yours provided my product for review and the opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.