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Monday, March 14, 2011

What's Happened To Marvelous Mom Reviews

At the end of last year I really felt overwhelmed by keeping up two blogs. I would've loved to keep my blogs separated, but to bring you the best reviews and fantastic giveaways, companies are REALLY looking at numbers:
  • how many people are entering giveaways
  • how many people are stopping by regularly
  • how many people are unique here
  • how many people are subscribed
  • and the list goes on
Because I only offer reviews and giveaways when I have them, I wasn't having a regular stream of people. That meant I wasn't able to get some of the reviews I'd like to share with you, especially if it means a giveaway to my fabulous readers!
So, I'm putting Marvelous Mom Reviews on hiatus. I am moving things over to Woven by Words for right now. To make sure my MMR continues to keep it's url, I'll drop by and post about a giveaway at WbW.
I'd love for you to follow me over there if you aren't already. I do share personal stuff from my life like photos and random goofiness from my life.
Thank you to everyone who has followed me here, subscribed, entered my giveaways and commented on my reviews. I totally dig you all!