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Saturday, July 31, 2010

77kids Opened at Mall of America

IMG_3262 The ladies from the Minnesota blogger team got together at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN today to check out the new 77kids store by American Eagle.

We got there are 8:30am for a light breakfast and to play at their store. And when I say, "play” I mean PLAY!

IMG_3260 They have 2 really cool kiosks where kids can have their picture taken. After that they can personalize the photos with their names or spray paint, and so much more! These are free! Two photos are printed. You can keep them both or they’ll hang one up around the store.

IMG_3263 There were large games for all ages to play and our kids went to town. After talking with Dana, the store manager, I learned about all the precautions AE took to ensure safe play and experiences for families at 77kids.

The prices at 77kids is very reasonable and competitive, especially with the quality of their clothes. One thing I don’t worry when shopping at an AE store is the lifespan of their clothing.

All of the employees were so nice and went out of their way to make sure the customers are taken care of. The boys and I stayed there after it had opened and they were really friendly with everyone who came in.

IMG_3264 At the counter to check out is a large display filled with different candy. Free candy! No, not a sample size! A huge candy of your choice.

I’d like to thank Dana and the entire AE team who made our day possible. Because of our involvement with the opening of the stores, today we were given 77 dollars to spend at the store.

IMG_3271The boys each got a rockin’ 77kids t-shirt. Buddy got a pair of plaid shorts and Doodle got a pair of jeans for the winter! They are seriously stylin’. With back-to-school right  around the corner, head to 77kids and check out their new line!

I’d also like to thank TheMotherhood.com for allowing me to take part in this great event! The boys and I had a fantastic time partnering up with you!

Do Good The opinions of the store were based on our experience today. We were given a stipend for our time and travel to get to each of the events.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Total Pillow Review & Giveaway

Total PillowOr as I like to call it, the pillow I have tried only once because Buddy has claimed it! Hey kid, I’m the reviewer here!

I looked at this pillow and wasn’t exactly sure how it was different. Sure, I saw the pictures, but really?


Here’s what Total Pillow says about their product:Total Pillow

VERSATILE TRANSFORMING PILLOW Cradles you with Comfort While Asleep and Awake

Most people spend approximately one-third of their lives asleep on their pillow, however the new Total Pillow has uses for the two-thirds of time spent awake.

There are pillows for all types of issues but no one pillow that bridges all conditions, until now. The Total Pillow™ is for use overnight, on the couch, sitting at your desk, driving, while on a plane or train, in college dorms, or just while watching television. This donut-shaped pillow transforms in just seconds to more than five supportive shapes for customized relief. The patent pending locking technology enables the Total Pillow to support the neck, lower back, ankles and knees.

"Consumers own many different pillows for different applications, identifying the need for a multipurpose pillow solution." said Steve Heroux, CEO of Hampton Direct. "The Total Pillow transforms into five different shapes to answer a wide range of conditions."

The Total Pillow's ergonomic design allows your body to be cradled in support whether you're a side sleeper and like support between your knees and/or ankles or are a frequent traveler. It's also great for the businessperson, who needs lumbar support for the long periods of time spent seated.

Available for $19.99, The Total Pillow and can be ordered online at

Hampton Direct, Inc. is a leading international importer and distributor of consumer products. The Vermont-based company's offerings include common household problem solving products that includes the As Seen On TV Wonder Hanger®, Twin Draft Guard® and Total Pillow®.

My son took to heart the photos on the box it comes in and used it in various ways. Um, how descriptive do you want me to be?

Just yesterday Buddy said, “My butt felt so good after I got up off it. Oh, and I farted on your pillow.” Yah, thanks. Keep it to yourself next time!

He’s used the Total Pillow in various positions while playing the PS2 or watching a movie. I turned around from the computer the other day to see this:

IMG_3251Oh, and it ended up over the dog’s head to make him look like a daisy. I would NOT recommend it for that purpose. It wasn’t as easy to get off, but Rugby was patient as he looked at me with those doleful eyes that seem to say, “Mom, why do they do this to me?”

The velour side is soft and cozy. It’s good for the lumbar when I’m on the computer. I had to ask to try it since I was the one wanting to have some input!

Would you like to win your own Total Pillow (so that your children can run off with it)?Here's your chance! (Price: $19.99 + P&H)

Required: Visit Total Pillow and tell me how you would use the pillow.

Giveaway open to US Residents 18 and older. Please leave your email in the Required comment or have it available in your profile. No email/contact = No entry. Giveaway ends 8/15 midnight PDT. Winner has 48 hrs to respond

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This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: Total Pillow for this review. The opinions expressed are completely my own, and Buddy’s.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

77kids Opening at the Mall of America 7/31/10

I am so excited!

Saturday I get to hang out with the Minnesota team for breakfast and shopping at the Mall of America.

Ok, so I’m NOT excited about getting up at 6am to be down there on time, but I’m excited for the American Eagle 77kids Grand Opening!

Who’s going to be there? Check out this video from when we got together for Do Good Day at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

TheMotherhood.com and 77kids are giving us $77 to go shopping! My boys will actually have new clothes for a change to go back to school in!

Yes, this mama is stoked!

I’ll give you an update after our breakfast and shopping on Saturday! I hope to see you down there! If you stop in after the store is open, let us know!

*I’d like to thank 77kids and TheMotherhood.com for having me as part of their MN team. Each team member will be receiving a stipend for the time we spend at the MOA and our activities with Do Good Day. It in no way affects my opinions!

Bark Off & Crazy Critter Review & Giveaway

I had never let my dog play with stuffed toys. Being a young dog, I figured he wouldn’t know the difference between his stuffed toys and my kids toys.

I figured since the Crazy Critter doesn’t have stuffing (he’s a toy shredder) and my boys aren’t playing with stuffed animals anymore, I’d give it a shot.

Oh my, was this ever a good choice!

I’ve been trying to upload my video of Rugby playing with his Crazy Critter, but I’m having technical difficulties!

IMG_3249 Rugby loves his “baby”! He shakes his head and wacks the thing everywhere. The squeakers on both ends aren’t loud and obnoxious AT ALL!

He’ll come and drape it over my leg (slimy thing that it’s become) so I’ll throw it for him. He’ll drop it next to mean and bark so I’ll play with him.

Speaking of barking (yep, in the sentence above) the Bark Off has been interesting. I can hear a little click when Rugby barks.

He’ll look at it wondering what the heck is going on. It certainly grabs his attention. We have it on the lowest setting. I haven’t noticed how it affects the cats if he barks.

Both are $10 apiece from TeleBrands

Now it’s time to make your dog happy and teach him not to bark (when you want)!

Required: Tell me what dog you’d use these for!

Giveaway open to US Residents 18 and over. Please leave your email in the required entry or have it available in your profile. No email/contact = No entry. Giveaway ends 8/13 midnight PDT. Winner has 48 hours to respond.

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Enter any of my other giveaways (1 entry each)

MamaBuzz This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: Telebrands for this review."

Monday, July 26, 2010

AquaNotes Review & Giveaway ~ 2 Winners!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has solved World Hunger, came up with a way to Cure Every Disease, and discovered which came first the Chicken or the Egg…all while in the shower.

Ok, I actually haven’t done any of those, but if I did I’d probably forget about the answers before I was done with my shower.

Insert AquaNotes! I received AquaNotes as a gift along with the pencil and they have been fantastic.

While I’m in the shower and I come up with something life changing, I can write it down. I’ve made lists and reminders with AquaNotes while doing my thing.

Brilliant is how I would describe it. Yes, you can write on it when the paper is sopping wet and erase if needed. I’ve left notes up for a week or two and it doesn’t fade or get smeary.

on a boat The shower isn’t the only place this comes in handy. Do you work in a wet climate or are you outside on wet days and have to write something down?

hard%20hat[1]Stick AquaNotes to your clipboard and no worries. No notes smudged so you can’t read them.

You’re totally dying to try these out, aren’t you? Well here’s your chance!

what they winRequired: Answer this question: What do you think you’d use your AquaNotes for?

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Leave a comment on their YouTube video (2 entries, comment 2x)

Enter any of my other giveaways (1 entry each)

I’d like to thank AquaNotes for providing the giveaway products. My review product is mine and not given for the purpose of review.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Have You Entered My Current Giveaways?

Just in case you haven’t checked out all of my current giveaways, I wanted to fill you in on what’s up for grabs over the next couple of weeks.

Of course, I’ll have more posted soon!

  1. Purely Products’ SunMate UV Level Indicator Ends 7/29
  2. $15 Walmart Gift Card Courtesy of Febreze & My Blog Spark Ends 8/2
  3. 3 Snack Bags of Snikiddy Snacks End 8/4
  4. $25 Growing Tree Toys Gift Card Ends 8/9

sunmate HCblogger_giftcard_thumb[1]snikiddy-logo-onwhiteimage    

Want an idea of what’s coming up in my giveaways? Here’s an idea:

  • AquaNotes Pad & Pencil (2 winners)
  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer  Liquid
  • Gorton’s Seafood Coupons (5 winners)
  • Corel Paint It!
  • CrazyCritters & BarkOFF!
  • Total Pillow

Pretty exciting stuff! Who knows what’s around the corner when I’m finished with these great giveaways! Any suggestions? Any companies you’d like to see me contact to see if I can do a review and/or giveaway? Let me know your ideas! Maybe I’ll come up with a poll!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

$25 Growing Tree Toys Giveaway

Logo When looking online for toys one great place to stop with a wide selection and educational toys for many ages is Growing Tree Toys!

My boys are into the same things so when I was checking out their site, one of the items that grabbed my attention was the Baseball Base Set

Baseball Base Set

This would definitely be useful since the neighborhood kids come play baseball in the yard and in the cul-de-sac during the summer.

Max Liquidator XT Grip Water ToyOf course, nothing says summer more around our house than water guns galore! Check out their Max Liquidator XT Grip Water Toy.

Do you have little ones you’re looking for some new toy ideas? Growing Tree Toys has a plethora for the younger crowd!

Critter Blaster Water ToyCritter Blaster Water Toy

John Deere Power Trimmer ToyJohn Deere Power Trimmer Toy (how CUTE is that?)

Surfboard Tummy Time MatSurfboard Tummy Time Mat (where were these when my babies were little?)

And if you are in to Eco-friendly Toys, they have them too!

Educo Wooden Alphabet AbacusEduco Wooden Alphabet Abacus

One of the features I really like about Growing Tree Toys is that with each product page you click to they describe to you:

  • The Developmental Benefits

  • Types of Play

  • Product Rating

  • Awards

Ready to try out some toys from Growing Tree Toys? Here’s your chance!

image Required: Head to Growing Tree Toys and tell me what product you’d like to get with your $25.

Giveaway open to US Residents 18 yrs or older. Please leave your email in the Required entry or have it available in your profile. No email/contact = No entry. Giveaway ends 8/9 at midnight PDT. Winner has 48 hours to respond.

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I’d like to thank Growing Tree Toys for the opportunity to do a giveaway on my site. I wasn’t compensated in any way or given any product for this giveaway or for sharing their site.

If you’d like to participate in their Blog Network, you can be part of their Sponsorship Program! Check it out.

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Place To List Giveaways

Giveaway Scout - all the giveaways and sweepstakes in one placeI was just contacted by Giveaway Scout to see if I wanted to have my site listed with my giveaways.

Well, duh! Of course I do! Need you ask?

So, if you’re like me and want to get the word out there with all of your giveaways, try giving Giveaway Scout a shot!

They publish your giveaways on multiple channels (Our web, newsletter, Twitter, Facebook and widget network)!

Why thank, thank you, thank you very much!

I’m going to be putting their widget up on my sidebar shortly so you can click that to get to their site as well!

To join, I was asked to post about their site, so that’s exactly what I’m doing! Time to see how well this baby works!

LEGO® Games 2010 Tour Rolling Into Minneapolis

Lego Games WHAT:  To celebrate the launch of the world’s first constructible board games, the LEGO® Games Master is hosting a free three-day gaming event. Local families are invited to join the fun and participate in life-sized adapted versions of LEGO board games, complete localized game challenges and compete against other families for prizes.

Lego Games 2 WHEN:  Friday, August 6th from 8:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. and Saturday, August 7th through Sunday, August 8th  from 10:00 a.m-6:00 p.m.

Lego Games 3 WHERE:  St. Louis Park Rec. Center
Minneapolis, MN 55416


I have 2 boys that love Legos. Not only do they love them to create “something”, they love the Lego PS2 games and DSlite games!

Legos are huge in our house. So, for the tour to be stopping in Minnesota, we’re pretty stoked. I’m really bummed we have to drive over an hour to get there, but we shall see!

If you’re interested in learning more about Lego Games, check out their site!

You can also find out more about their tour stops on Facebook.

LEGO GamesHere are some upcoming locations:


LEGO® Games 2010 Tour- Rolling to its Sixth Stop in Chicago, IL!

Lincoln Park Zoo

Saturday, July 31 at 10:00 am until
Sunday, August 1 at 6:30 pm

LEGO Games Debuts at Gen Con

Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium

Thursday, August 5 at 10:00 am until
Sunday, August 8 at 4:00 pm

LEGO® Games 2010 Tour- Rolling to its Eighth Stop in Austin, TX!

Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum

Saturday, August 14 at 9:00 am until
Sunday, August 15 at 6:00 pm

LEGO Games Weekend at LEGOLAND Discovery Center!

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Chicago

Saturday, August 14 at 10:00 am until
Sunday, August 15 at 8:00 pm

LEGO Games Weekend at LEGOLAND California!

LEGOLAND California

Saturday, August 14 at 10:00 am until
Sunday, August 15 at 9:00 pm

I Touched One ~ giggle

Today at work we had a contractor’s appreciation cookout. I spent 7 hours on the phone calling contractor’s to see if they’d be attending.

My cheeks hurt. Holding the phone next to my face for 7 hours can end up being painful. I said for next year I wanted a La-Z-Boy and a blue tooth!

I probably called about 400 people yesterday and 90 the day before. Yeouch.

So, today was the cookout. I wanted to be out with everyone and try to connect faces to the voices I spoke to. Kind of like us bloggers who are so giddy when we know we’ll get to meet face to face.

At the very end of the cookout, we’re breaking down all the tables, taking the tools back into the store, etc and I walk by one of the contractor reps I had made calls for. He was talking to one of his contractors.

My eyes glance down at the table and what do I see?

I interrupted their conversation to ask him if that black square thing was what I thought it was! He said yes and asked me if I wanted to check it out. I totally techno geeked on him!


Not a nanosecond went by and I grabbed that baby. Okay, I didn’t “grab” it. I held it preciously in my grubby little hands tipping it horizontally then vertically.

Sure, I’ve seen the ipad online all over the place, but didn’t really “get” what all the hype was.

It was soooo cool. We did this planet earth app (no idea of the real name) and he let me hold it while he swiped his fingers across it and zoomed in on our exact location!! I mean, I saw my store close up!

Then he opened his Facebook app. If my boss’ hadn’t been standing there I would’ve totally updated my status to let everyone know how cool I was! tee hee hee He didn’t have a Twitter app so I was a bit disappointed in him.

Oh man, now I know what the next gadget is that I want to get. I’d get the wireless one. Actually, it’ll be my next gadget after I get a laptop. That could be close to never since currently all I can do is put food on the table and gas in the van. LOL

Big shout out to Tom for being so kind to let me touch his su-weet ipad! You rock dude!

So, if any company (ahem, Apple) sees how tweeked I am about the ipad and you’d like me to review it, just let me know! True, I have less than 200 followers, but I’d do a fantastic review! Come on, be a sport.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Snikiddy Review & Giveaway

Snikiddy LogoIf you are looking for a healthy and flavorful snack for yourself and your kids, Snikiddy is the way to go. Well, you may not get to enjoy the Snikiddy, which is what happened to me.

ONE. That’s all I got to eat before my boys wolfed down the rest of the bag.

Original FriesWish I could remember the flavor or the color of the bag. We were on our trip to Chicago the day the sample came and it ended up in the trash with all the other food wrappings we took with us.

Here’s a bit of info about Snikiddy snacks:

A healthy, tasty alternative to typical fried snacks like potato chips, making them a favorite for families seeking healthy snack options-

  • All Natural

  • Gluten-free

  • Wheat-free

  • No corn syrup

  • Peanut-free

  • No preservatives

  • No trans fats

  • No hydrogenated oils

  • 50% less fat than potato chips

Price: 4.5 oz. bag for $1.79

Snikiddy Kids Group Pic

If you have little kids, they might enjoy getting to know some of the “kids” from Snikiddy for Kids. There are even videos to watch! Check them out.

Sweepstakes at Facebook.com/Snikiddy. Fill out the sweeps tab to enter for a chance to win the weekly drawing for a Snikiddy gift basket or the grand prize- a Jamis kids' bike.

Buy Snikiddy sharing packs at Snikiddy.Alice.com and get $1 off, plus FREE shipping.

Where else can you find them? Why, right here:




Now’s your chance to enter to win 3 bags (individual sizes) of Snikiddy. After “sharing” them with my boys, we would definitely recommend them. If my boys like anything healthy, we should suggest them!

Required: Head to Snikiddy and tell me which flavor you’d like to try.

Giveaway open to US residents 18 and older. Please leave your email address in your Required post or have it available in your profile. No email/contact = No entry. Giveaway ends 8/4, midnight PDT. Winner has 48 hour to respond.

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Enter any of my other giveaways (1 entry each)

Smile.lyI’d like to thank Kelly from Smile.ly for my samples of Snikiddy! I just joined Smile.ly today! http://smile.ly/15230.cfm The opinion is from my ONE lone Snikiddy and the opinions of my picky eater boys who couldn’t say enough!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Write A List Post: Day 2 For The 31 Day Challenge

I supposed I’ve done lists posts before. I didn’t define the posts as a "List Post", but they must be. They have headings and occasionally bullets! Don’t bullets or numbers make something a list automatically?

Since I’m a Reviewer, I thought I share some of my favorite Product Reviewer Sites…in list form of course! Now, I know there are sites I will forget to add, and I apologize in advance. Remember, I’m building a better blog so that means I’m working on it. =]

I hope my “list” below is what they’re talking about.

Jennifer at J. Leigh Designz has a great site and a lot of content. She has some amazing products that she reviews. I like that she has personal photos with her products reviews and she gives detailed opinions.

Dee at Two of a Kind Working on a Full House constantly has something new on her site. Her giveaways are da bomb and there are tons of ways to earn extra entries! Oh, and I’m a first time winner on her site as of today! We won the Percy Jackson DVD! Woo Hoo

Penelop's Oasis

Looking for giveaways not only for yourself but for the little one(s) in your family? Penelope at Penelope’s Oasis is a great place to start. Having a little guy under one year old is a great way to give you ideas on what products work and what ones don’t. I also like the personal posts she shares!

Outnumbered Banner

Outnumbered 3 to 1 is a site created by Melissa. If you go to her site, you won’t find just a couple of giveaways happening (like some other blogs, I’m nudging my head to the right sidebar of my site). No, this gal has a TON of awesome product reviews & giveaways!

Looking for someone who not only does giveaways but airs her dirty laundry (or at least the dirty laundry of her son)? A Nut in a Nutshell is one of my favorite all around sites! Blue Violet cracks me up and makes me think. All the while, I’m entering her giveaways!

So, how about this, if your site has AWESOME giveaways, let us all know! Hey, I’m up for winning something!

Monday, July 19, 2010

31 Days To A Better Blog by SITS

ProBlogger and the ladies at SITS BlogFrog have encouraged bloggers to do themselves and their readers a favor by making their blogs better! It’s called “31 Days to Build Better Blog (#31DBBB) Summer Challenge”!I’m all for that!

So, our first task is to create an Elevator Pitch. I had NO clue what that was. Thankfully, Amy at The Family Trifecta gave a great definition so I’m going with that!

We’re riding on an elevator and here’s what I’d tell you about Marvelous Mom Reviews:

“I want to help families find the best products to make their lives easier, better, and enjoyable. I do that by reviewing family friendly products and giving you my honest opinion.”


That is my short answer.

Is that what you expect when you visit this site? Is there more you’d like to see here? I know many people want to see more than product reviews. That’s why I have my Woven by Words site.

On the flip side, I didn’t think everyone would want to read about my faith and family along with product reviews/giveaways so I separated them out.
After discussing that with Rachael at Empowering Mommy, she said basically, “It’s your blog! You can do whatever YOU want with it. If people don’t want to read about your faith and family, they don’t have to come back.”
That sounds good to me, but I don’t want to offend anyone or turn you away. Hence, the separate sites.
I believe at this point, Marvelous Mom Reviews is doing exactly what I set out to do back in March.
What do you think? Any opinions? Come on, everyone has an opinion.