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Saturday, July 31, 2010

77kids Opened at Mall of America

IMG_3262 The ladies from the Minnesota blogger team got together at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN today to check out the new 77kids store by American Eagle.

We got there are 8:30am for a light breakfast and to play at their store. And when I say, "play” I mean PLAY!

IMG_3260 They have 2 really cool kiosks where kids can have their picture taken. After that they can personalize the photos with their names or spray paint, and so much more! These are free! Two photos are printed. You can keep them both or they’ll hang one up around the store.

IMG_3263 There were large games for all ages to play and our kids went to town. After talking with Dana, the store manager, I learned about all the precautions AE took to ensure safe play and experiences for families at 77kids.

The prices at 77kids is very reasonable and competitive, especially with the quality of their clothes. One thing I don’t worry when shopping at an AE store is the lifespan of their clothing.

All of the employees were so nice and went out of their way to make sure the customers are taken care of. The boys and I stayed there after it had opened and they were really friendly with everyone who came in.

IMG_3264 At the counter to check out is a large display filled with different candy. Free candy! No, not a sample size! A huge candy of your choice.

I’d like to thank Dana and the entire AE team who made our day possible. Because of our involvement with the opening of the stores, today we were given 77 dollars to spend at the store.

IMG_3271The boys each got a rockin’ 77kids t-shirt. Buddy got a pair of plaid shorts and Doodle got a pair of jeans for the winter! They are seriously stylin’. With back-to-school right  around the corner, head to 77kids and check out their new line!

I’d also like to thank TheMotherhood.com for allowing me to take part in this great event! The boys and I had a fantastic time partnering up with you!

Do Good The opinions of the store were based on our experience today. We were given a stipend for our time and travel to get to each of the events.


  1. We do not have a 77kids Store in our area. I like children's stores that are kid friendly. This means not only the way that the store is arranged being kid friendly, but the attitude of the employees should also be kid friendly.

    Thank you,


  2. It really was a great store, wasn't it? I wish it was Fall so Sarah could wear her stuff, but at least she has worn her new socks!


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