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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

LifeDiscipler Electronic Bible Verse Reminder

Life Discipler I received the LifeDiscipler and thought it was a pretty cool gadget. Do you need scripture to encourage you or are you curious about a topic from the Bible? That’s what this electronic device is here for.

It is already set up with topics to choose from and scriptures to fit them. That makes it easy to navigate through the LifeDiscipler.

LifeDiscipler It’s really light weight and fits in the palm of your hand. The navigation button, similar to an iPod is easy to use. You can search by topics alphabetically. I also like that when a new verse has been added I will be notified by an alarm.

The creator of the LifeDiscipler wanted to make sure this product is affordable and the one issue I have with it is one area he specifically decided to cut back on: the display screen. At night or in the shade it’s hard to read and you have to tilt it so that it catches the light enough to make it readable. I think if the font were more bold it might be easier to read. There is the option of having the size of the text larger, but that hasn’t really helped me.

If you have someone who loves scripture and would love to have this handy little gadget for a stocking stuffer, check out the LifeDiscipler.

Are you looking to do a fundraiser? This would be a neat, and new idea instead of all the old, same ol’ same ol’ stuff!

LifeDiscipler is offering 20% off using the coupon code “GROW20” through December 30, 2010. This would be a nice stocking stuffer!

protective-cover-big 44 Life Subjects, 1500 Verses, 3 Time Intervals
  • Verses from 5 modern translations (NIV, TNIV, NKJV, NLT, CEV) - Approx 300 each
  • Polycarbonate display lens - durable and scratch resistant
  • LCD display - conserves battery life for longer use
  • Simple 5 button control - easy intuitive navigation (you don’t have to be an electronics wiz!)
  • Attachment loop - for clipping to purse, backpack, keys, etc.
  • Audible alarm - 3 settings to fit your need
  • Runs on 1 button cell battery (watch battery)
  • Approx. size, 2”x3.25”x.5”

I’d like to thank BuzzBlogger for my LifeDiscipler for review! The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the company.


  1. Interesting, I might have to check that out!

    Hugs & love,

  2. Thanks, this would make a great gift for several people in my life.


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