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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Zippo Outdoor Line Review

productsHeader_OutdoorLine Ok, raise your hand if you thought of lighter when you read the word “Zippo”. Zippo is synonymous with lighters to me.IMG_4627

Well, who knew Zippo has an outdoor line as well? Makes sense when you think about it. In the great outdoors you need heat for warmth and cooking. What better company to trust than Zippo.

So what might you find in the Zippo Outdoor Line? Check it out (click on images to learn more):



flex-neck-headeroul-headerLet’s just say, I’m not an “outdoorsy” kind of girl in the winter. I go out to shovel and snowblow, but that’s about it. LOL I mean, I’m in Minne”snow”ta people.

hand-warmer-headerThe night of our snow storm I got these Zippo Hand Warmers ready to go and went out to do some shoveling and to take the trampoline down. Yes, it’s late in the season to take the trampoline down, but I’m a procrastinator.IMG_4632Filling the first one up proved to be a challenge for some reason. I got the lighter fluid all over the place. It wouldn’t light so I grabbed the 2nd hand warmer. This one filled up MUCH better and lit right away. I went back to the first lighter and finished filling it up and got that baby lit up too!IMG_4636I tried putting them in my mittens, but these hand warmers are HUGE! That wasn’t going to work so I stuck them in my pockets. After taking the trampoline mat off I ran it into the garage and stuck my hands in my pockets. Oh, the bliss in the middle of winter. I had happy, warm hands! I ran back and took of the springs and then started shoveling my sidewalk. I kept taking breaks to stick my hands in my pockets.

For the record, I wish I could just tape these up and down my body because then I could enjoy the snow in ways I never have! LOL

I came in and showed Doodle these Zippo hand warmers and he kept one of them holding it on his face. He did say they stunk, and they do smell like lighter fluid. I couldn’t care less. My hands were warm. As I’m sitting here talking to you, I have one sitting between my feet keeping them warm. Why waste it since it’ll be warm for the next 8 hours or so?

You can find Zippo:



I’d like to thank Zippo for sending my 2 Hand Warmers for review. The opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.

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  1. Ooh, we're big campers so I'll have to look for these!



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