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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Warmly Yours Towel Warmer Review

wy-logo If I could’ve built my bathroom around the Warmly Yours Towel Warmer, I would’ve done it! I would’ve gotten the hardwired one and lived in bathroom bliss!

IMG_4591If you are looking for a last minute gift, oh man, go for this baby! Yah, women may say they don’t want electronics for a gift, but this sweet item will make the woman in your life happy, happy, happy!

Now, personally I have an issue with it because I have ADD and keep forgetting to turn this bad boy on! Ugh! My son asked for me to turn it on for him the other day because he’s so excited to try it out, but he was just getting in the shower and he wouldn’t be able to feel the true effects. Yah, he has ADD, too.IMG_4597

I actually wish there was an internal timer that turned it off after 1/2 an hour or so. I say that just as a safety device. The one that is hardwired, I believe, has a timing device.IMG_4592

I figure if they can put an automatic shut off in a curling iron, they can put one in a mechanism this large.

IMG_4600In my humble opinion, the lack of an automatic shut off really has nothing to do with how fantastic the Warmly Yours works and how much I loved it. Getting out of the shower to a warm towel this morning is absolutely dreamy!!

Oh and did I mention that Warmly Yours has other amazing products as well. Those of us in frigid MN will get a lot of use out of products such as:

  • Floor Heating (Tile, Carpet, Hardware, Showers, etc)
  • Snow Melting (Driveways, Patios, Roof/Gutters, etc)
  • Comfort (Towel Warmer, Mirror Defoggers, and Area Warmers)

I’d like to thank Pitch It To Me for connecting me with Warmly Yours! Warmly Yours provided my product for review and the opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.

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  1. Oh, this doesn't count as electronics, it's spa-quality technology. I agree about the safety issue, and if I get one I will use one of those timers like you use for lights when you aren't home. That would be good to turn it on as well as off, right?


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