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Friday, November 19, 2010

Hasbro Boys Toys Review: Christmas Gathering & Gift Guide Day 10

Hasbro My boys who are 11 and 7 love playing with action figures. Hasbro has a large selection of toys for kids of any age!

My oldest son played with the Clone Wars Figure. This boy is so into Star Wars it’s crazy. He started playing with it right away.Mandalorian Police It’s just the right size for him and since my younger son has other figures from the same collection, he went to town.

There was a problem in the first few minutes with the shield. The figure’s hand is clenched in a shape that doesn’t allow it to get it’s hand into one of the hand holders easily. Because of that, the small piece that’s supposed to have the hand wrap around broke. It’s a very thin piece.

Thankfully there’s another piece on the shield that allows it to snap on the arm. The toy is definitely one my son will continue to play with.imageSTAR WARS ACTION FIGURES WITH GALACTIC BATTLE GAME
, fans can battle their friends in head-to-head action and test the powers of their favorite characters. With interactive game-play, these toys are fun for newer fans, as well as long-time collectors.

You can check out All Clone Wars Figures at the Hasbro website.

Battle GliderMy 7 yr old was Venom for Halloween and when he saw his Hasbro toy, he was pretty happy! This is one boy who loves playing with character toys. This is not his first Hasbro Spidey figure.

Unfortunately, one of the neighbor boys was over playing last week and did something with it so Doodle can’t find it. We’re not very happy, but it will show up at some point.

You can find All Spidey toys at the Hasbro website.

With this lineup of SPIDER-MAN 3 3/4 INCH ACTION FIGURES, the beloved and legendary superhero is ready to take on his opponents in any situation.  From sea to sky to night missions, he is well-equipped for any and all new adventures!

I’d like to thank Hunter PR for providing these products for review. The opinion expressed is mine and my boys.

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