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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Are My Giveaways Overwhelming You?

I recently had someone unsubscribe because they were receiving too many updates from my blog. My subscriptions SHOULD only being mailing out once a day.

If you are getting them more than once a day, let me know and I will contact Feedblitz.

I want to apologize to everyone who has subscribed to my blog and is feeling overwhelmed by all the giveaways and information.

Can I explain?

I know that times are lean for everyone and I thought back in August I’d contact a couple of companies to see if they’d want to do some giveaways for the holidays.

I had companies respond little by little…until the last week and a half or so.

I now have people contacting me to list information for them in a giveaway or otherwise as soon as I can. As we know, I’m in the midst of my Christmas Gathering & Gift Guide.

So, all of a sudden I’m listing a couple of giveaways or reviews, or what-have-you for more than one company every day.

If this is too much for you, I understand and want to apologize. I had no idea I’d have so many opportunities. I am turning some away because I’m overwhelmed as well.

I can honestly tell you that my giveaways and posts won’t be stopping any time soon. I have giveaways through next week and then the first week of December have a HUGE blog hop!

My hope is that you will see I’m trying to pass on a bit of help during the holidays and that I’m trying to bless others as much as possible.

Enjoy it now because after the first week of December, I’m not sure if I’ll have ANY reviews or giveaways! LOL

Thank you for your patience and understanding! I truly appreciate it!


  1. I am trying to get into this field of companies to put on my blog. Would you be willing to share some of the companies?

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  2. I absolutely love all your updates! I love your reviews and giveaways! I enter them any time I can! Don't stop! You're doing a AMAZING job. :D Don't let one sore loser get you down!!!

    Love you blog with all my heart!
    I'll be praying that you won't feel so overwhelmed!!!
    God bless!

  3. I agree with Hilary! Keep doing what you are doing! I think everyone is posting more than the usual! That's what happens around Christmas time! Good luck with all of your posts! Keep up the great work!

  4. I only get the 1 email a day, so it could be that they accidentally signed up for updates more than once? I dont know if that is possible, but once a day isnt too much at all! I wish it was twice a day actually, once in the morning and once in the evening so that we get messages of anything that is going on THAT day and then the evening ones tell us what is going on the next day!

  5. I, for one, and thankful for your reviews and giveaways. I have a ton going on right now too, more than the usual. It's the holiday gift guides going on right now.

  6. I love giveaways, thanks for posting them!

  7. I only get 1 email a day...I luv more giveaways!
    Just keep entering simple, quick and easy and I am a happy camper, thanks.


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