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Monday, October 4, 2010

Gorton’s & Ortega Fish Taco Fiesta Challenge

WeLoveFishTacos!WoodenSignWell, I wasn’t so excited to take on this challenge. I mean really? Fish tacos? My first thought was “gag”! Hey, I’m being honest. Remember from my last Gorton’s giveaway? I’m not a big fish eater.

I pulled myself up by my boot straps and decided to give it a go. I’m always telling my boys how they have to try new things so I needed to put my money where my mouth was.

This past week we had our Fish Taco Fiesta. Let me tell you, I was shocked at how good it was! I mean REALLY good.

Here’s what our meal consisted of to start off with:

IMG_3663I like seasoning with my tacos so I chose the Garlic & Herb Crunchy Fish Fillets. I also made the Popcorn shrimp just in case my boys weren’t thrilled with the fish fillets.

We haven’t had an actual taco around here for ages. We always have nachos. It’s just easier and there’s no dripping down the arm of the juices. Well, with fish tacos, there’s no dripping grease either!

IMG_3667My son took the Ortega taco shells and crushed them so they were like nacho chips. My other son tried to the taco but it cracked in half so he ate one side with food on it then the next.

I on the other hand was able to keep my taco together and absolutely loved it. I had two of them. One with the shrimp and the other with the fillets. I had them the next day for lunch, too!

My fish taco consisted of:

  • Avacado
  • Tomato
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Taco Sauce
  • Ortega Shells
  • Ortega Refried Beans
  • Gorton’s Garlic & Herb Crunchy Fish Fillets

IMG_3668 Here at Gorton's, from now until October 7th, we are all about the fish taco. In fact, WE LOVE FISH TACOS!

I wanted to tell you that Gorton's Seafood and Ortega® are partnering for an awesome promotion this Fall -  The Fish Taco Fiesta Challenge! [Cue brightly blaring Mariachi Music!]




This contest calls on consumers to share their favorite seafood tacos made with Gorton's and Ortega products, creative toppings and fiesta ideas, with fabulous prizes including Gorton's and Ortega free product coupons, a set of Fiesta® dinnerware for Four and a Grand Prize of an all-inclusive trip to Mexico! www.welovefishtacos.com

Check out the various seafood taco recipes at our website - http://www.gortons.com/recipe_results.php to spark inspiration in your kitchen as you experiment and build your own creations!

I’d like to thank Gorton’s for sending me the coupons for their products as well as Ortega’s. By posting this information, I’m am eligible to win a digital camera from Gorton’s. The opinions from this challenge are completely my own.


  1. I'm kinda "scared" to try fish tacos too. And I love shrimp, but still...I gotta get past this and just try it!!

    I'm your newest follower from the Cornucopia Hop!

    Kristin :)
    Keenly Kristin

  2. Your taco looks yummy! Great stuff that you added on to the taco!


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