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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where Are All The MMR Giveaways?

I’m so glad you asked. I know it’s been a bit quiet for giveaways around here lately. That’s because all my “offers” were going towards my big Marvelous Mom Reviews Christmas Gathering & Gift Guide.

Marvelous Mom Reviews

I do have a few coming up and more scheduled, but I wanted to let you know what’s going to be coming up in November so you make sure to grab my button at comment HERE to earn your 5 extra entries.

So, who are just some of the companies I’m going to be working with? Here are a few, some I’ve already mentioned and some are NEW! (this list is subject to change)

Aurora World Inc.


Brugo Mug


Tama Town



Crest Pro-Health

Until then, stick around because I have a few really cute giveaways just around the corner.

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