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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ebeanstalk.com Review

logoThe boys and I enjoy trying new games and toys! Ebeanstalk.com is a great place to find them for practically any age!

My boys and I received a really fun card game that was new to all of us and has become a favorite! It’s called Monster Maker Card Game (RV $9.99).

IMG_3810This is a great game for kids 6+. My boys are 11 and 7. Then of course there’s me, and yes, I enjoyed playing with the boys. It can be a pretty fast game so that gives us some fun family time together and then allows the boys to go do their “thing”.IMG_3816

Thanks to Buddy for taking this photo to show everyone what the cards look like.
What comes along with this product from Ebeanstalk.com? How about all of this:

Expert written Instruction Card

The Happy-Kid Guarantee

Hassle free 30 day returns

It’s easy to say that my boys are “Happy Kids”!
Sometimes it’s hard to pick out the best toys for your children. Ebeanstalk helps you find the perfect one. You can search for
baby toys

kids toys
for all ages.
You can go to toddler toys and sort by the specific needs of your toddler. You can even arrange their toys by gender or category to make sure you find just what you are looking for!
They have a team of moms around the country that test out all the toys with their kids, so you will always know you are getting the very best. Check it out for yourself!

I want to thank Ebeanstalk.com for surprising us with a card game that fit our family. It’s just another example of how they pay attention to their customers needs. The opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I really wish we had taken more time to play games with our kids when they were little. We did a little bit, but not as much as the girls would've liked! My husband isn't a gamer (at least that's the excuse). Spend every moment you can with them when they're small!!


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