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Friday, October 8, 2010

Pink Street Party ~ Breast Cancer Awareness

Street Party flyer Yesterday after work I headed to downtown Buffalo, MN. I was going to check out the Pink Street Party. I had no idea what to expect.

Pink Street Party I’d never been to this before and I’m not sure if it’s the first event they’ve held. Because I’m a first timer, I didn’t bring a camera. I went there straight from work. I know, what was I thinking?!

Swag Bags So, my photos included are from my Droid2. Yes, these clear and decent photos are from my cell phone!

I went to the Pink Street Party with the intention of going to Lillians for the first time. Remember, Lillians is the store that dressed everyone for the Ambush Makeover?

Lillians LadiesLillians along with Buffalo Hospital hosted this event. Everywhere we looked there was pink! It was awesome! Pink balloons, pink boas, pink shirts, pink hair. It was a beautiful tribute to Breast Cancer awareness.BuffaloThere were local businesses that had food, drinks, lotions, baby items, clothing, and so much more. It’s good to see a community come together for a cause like Breast Cancer.

Pink Booth

Are you attending any local events? If so, tell us where they are!Purse LadyShe is dressed up as a purse and is selling Pink Street Party shirts with proceeds going to Sara’s Dance Foundation and Buffalo Hospital Foundation!


  1. Your pictures turned out great.
    Looks like you had a fun time.

  2. Thanks for bringing awareness to fighting breast cancer. I have a dear friend going through this right now.


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