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Monday, October 25, 2010

Here’s My Shutterfly Christmas Card Choice

shutterfly It’s that time of the year everyone! Time to start choosing your cards for the holidays. Shutterfly is the place to turn for more than just cards.

We’re just like every other family and love sending Christmas cards that include family photos. It’s never easy choosing just one photo so that’s why the one I’m going with is:

Why this card? Every year I write a really long letter detailing what each of us has done. Having it all in one card, short & sweet is THE way to go!

Each of those gray spots is where I can put a photo of each of us. Still trying to figure out what to put in the last box. Maybe a photo of the animals?

I have to be honest with you. I actually chose 3 other designs from the religious Christmas cards selection that I had posted about and then went back and found a different one, then another different one. Of course, I would love to have a card that points to Jesus' birth, but the colors of this card and the ability to give all our friends an update had me choosing Joy Sky Story.

Shutterfly isn’t just about cards for holidays, as we all know! Are you having a party in November or December. They have some great Christmas party invitations.

If you want to keep up on Shutterfly in the social media world check them out at:



Now head on over to Shutterfly and put some holiday cheer into your life!

I’d like to thank Shutterfly for the opportunity to receive 50 Christmas cards in exchange for this post. I’ve already been working on my card! =)

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  1. I just got a great photo book from Shutterfly for my in-laws Christmas present.

    I love their cards.

    Hugs & love,


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