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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MomItForward Mom of the Day

I came home from Bible study this afternoon and what do my wandering eyes see on Twitter? A tweet from @MomItForward that I am the Mom of the Day!

Little ol’ me! If they only new the truth! They may have to rename it just for today: Bad Mom of the Day! LOL Although, the boys have been gone all day at school so I’ve been a pretty decent mom. *grin* IMG_3854 IMG_3856In the last few weeks I’ve been joining in the #gno @MomItForward Twitter parties. You know how much I love my Twitter parties. I have really had fun connecting with the ladies and a couple of the guys (@TroyPattee & @Dadventurous, both married).

Recently, as of last week, they began their Mom of the Day!

I’d love to have you check out Mom It Forward. They have some great posts. Check out Troy’s post that had me in tears from laughing so hard during last night’s Twitter party.

Are you wondering if your child should be in sports? Their most recent post will give you some points to consider.

To keep up with the #gno (Girls Night Out) parties on Twitter check out their #gno page.

Thanks to MIF for choosing me to be today’s Mom of the Day! You guys rock!


  1. Wow! You're so sweet! We weren't highlighting you to get a shout out, but nice bonus!

    Actually... I "saw" you on the party last night and thought about how awesome it is to see you there regularly and we decided right then that you'd be our highlight for today. So, thanks for coming and sharing as always! You're fabulous.

    I hope it's been an amazing day!


  2. I moved to MN 3 yrs. ago and have yet to feel that I have established a true, deep friendship. It's been tough because there was a lot of pain involved in our move. But I believe I'm past that, I'm just missing something that you just nailed on the head for me: A women's Bible Study group! I think I need to start one!


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