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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Figuring Out The Motorola Droid 2

So, I’ve had the Droid 2 for a week. It’s been an interesting few days!

Quite honestly, when you buy the Droid 2, or any “Smart”phone for that matter, it should probably come with a 2 hour class. And that’s just to learn how to turn the blasted thing on.

You’ve switched phones before. Remember the learning curve? Remember how the new phone didn’t have the same features you loved on your old one?

Ya, that’s what I’m dealing with!

What I’m going to do is share with you all the FUN I’ve had trying to figure out how to use my phone.

First of all, when you first purchase a Droid 2 it’ll be turned on when they hand it to you. Then you will walk away all happy with your new Smartphone.

IMG_3675 What you may not know is that if you’d like to look at your screen again, you have to touch the on/off button. Do you know where that is? Did anyone bother telling you? It’s on the top right of your phone.

THEN when the screen lights up you will have 2 buttons:IMG_3737

The button on the right will turn your volume off if you touch the speaker and slide your finger all the way to the left of the screen.

IMG_3739 The padlock needs to have you slide your finger all the way to the right. Then you will be at your “homepage”.

I had NO CLUE how to unlock it. I kind of had an idea that you had to slide the lock, but didn’t realize it was all the way across the screen.IMG_3702

Next, you can tap the arrow that’s in the circle between the phone icon and the silhouette icon. That will take you to your applications page:

IMG_3703 In there you can find everything your Droid 2 came loaded with including Twitter, Gmail, Camera, News & Weather, and numerous others. I wouldn’t delete anything without first checking with a Verizon employee or someone you trust.

If you ever want to get back to your Home page, all you have to do is hit the ever present home icon below the screen face:IMG_3733

Do you want to go check out all the fun Apps that are out there for the Droid 2? On the Home page you’ll see a little shopping basket. That’s your Market icon. Tap that and away you go! There are paid apps, free apps and ones that are brand new. I would highly suggest going with the ones that have high STAR ratings.

Here are some Apps you may not have expected:

Bubble: It’s a bubble level for your phone! Do you need to know if something is level? Then this might be a great app for you.

Instant Heart Rate: Measures your heart rate using the built-in camera.

Air Horn: Well, it’s exactly what you think, and Air Horn from your phone. I’ve always wanted one of these!

Flashlight: I was just thinking about this last night as I was getting ready for bed! This would be great in the dark.

My Days: Keep track of your period and ovulation and fertility!

Where’s My Droid: Ever lost your phone and it’s on silent so you can’t hear it when you try to call it from another phone? You can text your phone and it will turn the sound on!! I totally downloaded this baby!

So, you turn away from your phone and it goes dark. What the…you weren’t done on that page. Stupid phone. Oh no. Not so fast.

When you turn your screen back on and unlock it, you will still be at the same screen when the phone went into sleep mode!

I know, thank goodness!

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  1. I LOVE this. Like i said before, I've had the orginial Droid for about 6 months so I know the basics but there are about 3 apps on your list that i never knew about and am about to download! Hope your having fun! I know I am!


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