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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thank You Sarah From One Starry Night!!

Alrighty, so I’ve haven’t been doing the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog like I’d hoped. In week two I ended up working 3 night shifts and it totally threw me off. I had no idea how such a small change can disrupt my blogging.

The next week I was gone for 3 days with NO internet connection. Oh I thought I was going to D.I.E!

I am planning on doing the rest of it slowly but surely. I think I can, I think I can…

So, I have been looking at my site trying to figure out how I can clean it up a bit and not have it so “busy”. I knew I probably shouldn't do anything with the design, because, well, I’d mess it up.

I looked around figuring I could have someone who is a designer just do a couple of tweaks for me.

Yah, not so easy. So Stylized, who designed my blog is booked until December 2011!!! Hurray for her, but “boo” for me! She wouldn’t be able to do anything until then.

I reached out to the gals at the SITS group at Blog Frog for the #31DBBB challenge to see if anyone had any ideas.

Well, I had a lot of responses and the first gal to offer help was Sarah. I wasn’t sure how complicated the changes might be and I hate having someone say they’ll help out and then when they see the problem they’re thinking, “Uh oh what have I gotten myself into?”

I made sure when we connected about this that I’d be more than ok if she wasn’t able to help me out or if she thought it would take a long time she wouldn’t have to do anything.

Tonight she emailed me and when she finished with the tweaks, I think it was about 15 minutes later!!

I didn’t have to wait over a year. It was done in 15 minutes! Sarah ROCKS!


And that’s what I’ve found this SITS site is all about: the ladies helping the ladies. Sure, I can’t do much to help now, but one day I tell ya! I can also encourage other bloggers that I meet through SITS, too!

I’d love for you to head over to One Starry Night and give Sarah some comment love!

Oh, and you may be wondering what amazing changes there are. Nothing that you would probably take notice of.

At the top of my page I got rid of the tab “The Winners Circle” because I wasn’t using it. I figured I’d like to get rid of a lot of the busyness on my sidebar so Sarah changed the tab to be called “Company Connections”. I’ll be putting my older logos there from companies I’ve worked with.

And the other change is that the box that used to be called “Pages” is gone. It just listed the tabs at the top of the page and I thought it was a bit redundant. =)

That’s it. Nothing to write home about, but the kindness Sarah showed by offering to help was totally worth writing a blog post about! Go check out her beautiful photography!

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