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Saturday, August 28, 2010

iSafe Backpack Review

iSafe Backpack Back to school and backpacks are pretty synonymous. You really can’t have one without the other.

Do you ever equate backpacks with safety? If you haven’t before, you will after you learn about iSafe Bags.

My oldest daughter, Baby, lives on a college campus in the cities. As a mom, it stresses me out! She isn’t under my constant care and has to make her own decisions.

Her job can get her home late into the night. She’ll go on a walk with friends in the city. Going from one building to another can be a good long hike. She even gets concerned when she’s by herself.

IMG_3448 Now she has a backpack that has given her a lot of comfort. She called me the night she took her iSafe backpack back to her dorm. She just called me screaming. I totally freaked out because I didn't understand what she was saying.

I guess what she was saying was, "Dude (yes she called me Dude) I love this backpack. I’m walking in the dark, well not really, I'm at my dorm..."

Me interrupting: “Um, it is dark and you're just getting back to your dorm, so you were walking in the dark."

Her: "Well, ya, but dude I love this backpack. We were trying it out today and it sounds like this (insert her interpretation of a siren). It's so loud! I feel so safe. Ok, well, not really, but kind of."

Not sure when I became “Dude” to her instead of mom, but we’ll leave that for another post.

Basically she was saying that she feels so much safer because 1 pull of the string and that baby blares like you wouldn’t believe and there are flashing lights!

When her friends came over for one last hurrah before heading their separate ways again, I had Baby go get her backpack. They had no idea what was coming. Check it out!

Isn’t that awesome!

Now, more about the iSafe Backpacks and what they’re all about…

Developed by Inventive Concepts International, iSafe Backpacks and Bags feature a lightweight, battery-powered audible and visible alarm system that, when activated, signal distress and attract immediate attention in a dangerous or crisis situation. Available in children’s sizes and designs, as well as adult laptop/business sizes with professional designs, iSafe bags provide the most convenient and reliable safety protection available for people on the go.

school backpack “iSafe bags are like having a personal body guard with you at all times,” said Edric Sizemore, president and co-founder of Inventive Concepts International. “They’re ideal for children who walk home from school, college students on campus and even adults who want to feel safer and more secure in dark parking lots or unfamiliar surroundings.”

Endorsed by actress and author Holly Robinson-Peete and featured on the Montel Williams Show, the patented iSafe bags can also be used as an emergency rescue beacon in the event of an accident or other emergency situation. The alarm can run continuously for up to two hours on just two 9-volt batteries to attract attention to lost hikers or children, in the event of a car accident where the vehicle slides over an embankment or even in a building fire where smoke may make it difficult to locate those needing to be rescued. The alarm can also be switched on and off in intervals to conserve battery power.

They also have an amazing Replacement Policy! If your backpack becomes worn, unsightly and well used, you can replace it for a fraction of the cost, up to 50%, because you aren’t having to purchase the safety alarm which is only designed to work with iSafe Backpacks.

PItchItButton125 I’d like to thank Mallory from iSafe for the opportunity to review their backpack. We were given the backpack to review, but no other compensation was given. The opinions expressed are my own and my daughter’s. I found out about iSafe from Pitch It To Me.

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  1. Wow, that is such a smart idea. People just don't remember to carry their mace or what have you.



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