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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Past Week ~ For Real?

Ok, so I typically don’t post personal stuff here, but I figured this is as good a place as any to share what’s gone on in my house this past week.

Last Tuesday I let my dog in around midnight from his potty break before bed. All of a sudden I smelled a terrible smell.

Smelled like sewer. I thought I had a propane leak since it’s supposed to smell bad.

I called the propane guys and they told me to turn it off (outside in the dark) and they’d come in the morning.

So they came.

Three men.


They searched the room the odor was coming from. They thought they’d find a dead animal. Um, I have 3 cats. No way are there animals in my house. If so, they’d be a meal.

IMG_3523 Surprise my freezer had come unplugged and everything was warm and defrosted. A lot of the food was old so I was okay with that. What I wasn’t okay with was the stench.

Be happy that photo isn’t in smell-o-vision!

Did I mention that as soon as the guys realized it wasn’t a propane leak they said, “See ya. Good luck with that.”

Um, guys, a little help here?

Needless to say, my house STILL smells like a garbage dump and I am not stretching that description one iota!

Then tonight, I’m ready to start a Twitter party when my cat, Sammy, decides to have a puke fest.

My life is not dull.

I go grab the brand new roll of paper towels out from beneath the sink and I see this:

IMG_3521Honestly, this is indicative of my life people!

The pipe just totally corroded  away from the sink base. I just replace the faucet in my bathroom so I think I’ll be able to do this ok. We shall see.

So, you think I’m done? NOPE.

During the Twitter party, Buddy comes to the computer desk to talk to me and show me some stuff.

As he backs away from me he knocks over my 1/2 filled cup of apple juice onto my other computer tower!

Now I’m just hoping none of the juice got into the tower. It’s got a lot of old photos on it!

So, I’ve always heard bad things happen in 3s so I should be good for a while!

  1. Defrosted freezer
  2. Broken drain
  3. Juice spilled on computer

How is your week going so far?


  1. Somewhat better than yours, but we took the car in for an alignment yesterday (~$65) and ended up needing new bearings (~$350 PER SIDE). UGH! And have another road trip this weekend, so had to get it done. Only had to do one side though...and the alignment. :o)

    Gotta love life!

  2. Wow...so not fun! I always cringe when things go wrong at home. Who wants to spend money on fixing things...but guess we have to sometimes:) annejk112233


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