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Friday, June 4, 2010

PrintScans.com Review

print If you’re as old as me you have a lifetime of printed photos. I swore I would never own a digital camera. How could I ever switch to something so ridiculous?

A few years ago I was surprised with a loaded digital camera yet continued to use my film camera. I had no interest in changing. So, my printed photos continued to multiply.

I was also a major scrapper. At some point I figured that it’d be easier and cheaper to order 3-4 copies of each photo than to go back later and order certain ones. Can you imagine how many prints I had? WOW

The summer I received my digital camera, I headed to Chicago to visit the in-laws. Took the digital camera with me. Lo and behold, it took spectacular photos! Out with the old, in with the new!

Baby17 Now my kids are older and graduating. One of the things that took FOR-EVER last year at my oldest daughter’s graduation was scanning photo after photo to make a DVD for the party.

My 2nd daughter graduates next year and PrintScans.com has not only preserved these photos onto a DVD they have made my life easier!Baby10

Here’s what Rick, creator of PrintScans.com shares:

One of the reasons PrintScans exists is the recognition that our photos are very precious.  By having them scanned and digitized, you are preserving your photos for generations to come.  Your children, your children’s children and every future generation will have a better chance of learning about your family’s life today.  Placing your DVD in a secure place, like a safe deposit box, helps ensure that your photos are safe from catastrophes. 

And, in today’s digital world, having your photos scanned and digitized gives you the ability to do so much more with them.  Whether it is emailing them, putting them on your Facebook page, creating digital collages, including them on a digital frame, restoring them in PhotoShop or Tweeting them, you have so many more ways of sharing your photos with more people.

Can you imagine how long it would take to scan every single print photo I have from just the last 19 yrs? My photo frenzy started when my oldest daughter was born and only ended a few years ago.

If you are in the same boat as me, and you have print photos that you’d like to have preserved, I’d love to have you head to PrintScans.com and check out their scanning options.

I’d like to thank Rick from PrintScans.com. He was super helpful and very patient with me. I forgot to send my paperwork in my package. Then I sent an email that was supposed to contain an image of the paperwork. Yep, forgot to send it! So, when he was finished copying the photos, he politely asked for the information again! Wonder if he was getting concerned! LOL

PrintScans.com provided the services for this review. I’d also like to thank The Product blogger selectReview Place Blogger Select for connecting me with PrintScans.com. The opinions shared in this review are my own and may not reflect the experience of others.

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