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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Giveaways...From Other Sites?

On my Woven by Words site, the way I keep track of giveaways I've entered is by listing them on my sidebar. I list the ones I want to remember to Tweet daily. Sadly, even with a reminder there I tend to forget. And I wonder WHY I'm not winning giveaways!

So, often one of the options in the entries is to post at our sites about the giveaways. Yes, I'd earn entries, but then I'd have more "competition" if everyone else enters. LOL Honestly, there are a lot of times I enter once and then totally forget about the giveaway.
What do you think? Would you want to know about other giveaways? What if you were to learn about items such as the Sony Cyber-Shot from Granny Loves Gift Baskets? She's giving away 2 of them!

Would it be worth it to you even if you knew I would be getting extra entries for posting about it? Of course, I'd disclose that I was earning extra entries by posting, like now. By letting you know abut the Sony Cyber-Shot, I earn 10 extra entries.

Granny Loves Gift Baskets

I have no clue right now how many entries there are so my 10 extra entries might be a drop in the bucket!

If you'd rather not be informed of other giveaways, let me know. I want you guys to be happy with what's posted here!!

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  1. If you post them, could you put them in a separate category from your own giveaways, please?


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