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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Les Mess: Organizing Card Game

lesmess1 As parents, I think we’re always looking for better, maybe even fun, ways to get our kids to clean.

I don’t know about you, but my kids seem to be under the impression I’m their personal maid. They are sorely mistaken considering I leave their junk where they left it. Hello, I’m not picking up after them!

Along comes Les Mess created by professional organizer Leslie Jacobs! I NEED my boys to help me out because I don’t want to can’t do it all. Here’s how Les Mess works:

Les Mess Shuffle the cards

Pick One

Do It

If you finish in the allowed time, give your child a present using the gift ideas or one of your choosing.

There are a lot of reasons for liking this Card Game. First of all, the kids are given a specific amount of time to clean. So, it seems like a task that’s manageable and won’t last foreeeever! There are even a couple cards that give the kids a day off and make the parents clean their stuff!

IMG_2980 Second, the jobs are easy ones for them to understand. To help them cut back on clutter, they’re encouraged to go through things and get rid of stuff they haven’t played with or worn.

Third, Les Mess is well rounded. The kids get a day off when their parents have to clean the kids room. One of the cards has the kids reading for 15 minutes. And then there are the cards that give the family a free day.

IMG_2345IMG_2347Both boys were really interested in organizing with these cards. Our first one was to put all their books in their proper place. My boys ended up organizing their bookshelves! Rock on!!

Les Mess is a total keeper! I know that those wheels are turning in your head as to how to get your hands on these cards! Here’s where you can find them and their creator:




blogger select I’d like to thank Leslie Jacobs and The Product Review Place Blogger Select for the opportunity to review this Card Game. The opinions expressed are mine and may not reflect the opinions of others.

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