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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gal Pal Review

gal_pal_2 There are certain items a girl needs and Gal Pal is the place to find it! They have a very cute site and carry such practical products!

gal-pal_g3 First of all, they have The Original Gal Pal®. This set is awesome! (yes, I just sang that last word) The Original Gal Pal is the fastest simplest way to remove annoying white deodorant streaks from clothing. The Original Gal Pals are also reusable, giving you approximately 10 - 15 uses per side (depending on the mark). Keep one in your purse, desk drawer, and car ...so you can be streak-free in seconds! Made in the U.S.A

hanger-huggers_g1 Next are the Gal Pal Hanger Huggers®. Seriously, do you own any metal or padded hangers? If so, you know what a pain they can be to hang clothing on. Mine slip off all the time (rolled eyes) and it’s so frustrating. insert super hero music I received pink Hanger Huggers to slip onto my wire hangers and they work like a charm!

lint-remover-mitts-gal-pal_available And lastly there was the Original Lint Remover Mitts®. I have 3 cats and 1 dog. Need I say more? I think they’re working against me! Getting ready for church the other day, kid you NOT, I pull the shirt I wanted to wear off my bed post. Cat hair all over! I hadn’t used the Lint Remover Mitts yet and I figured then was as good a time as any! They were so great to use and got the job done! Cat hair…gone!

They don’t stop there. Here are a few of their other “must have” items:

Gal Pal Original Retro Ice Bags®: These are so cool. I think I’d like to get the Sports one since my boys would utilize it the most but check out a few of their prints:

everything-tape_availableGal Pal Everything Tape®: “Not only does the Gal Pal Everything Tape™ fix and secures everything from apparel to lingerie, pant hems to shoe straps, wigs to scarves, but even your home/office organizing to decorating projects. Our 2½” x 3/8” pre-cut disposable adhesive strips (with removable backing) are just the right size for your fix-it issues.”

fashion-emergency-pack_available Fashion Emergency Pack: “It's Gal Pal to the rescue!  Never have a fashion emergency ruin your day or night with this special Gal Pal combination product pack.”

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