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Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Daughter’s Hijacked Facebook Status ~ Funny!

Ok, this is absolutely hysterical. My oldest daughter, Baby, had a girl, MP, that lived in the dorm room next to her. A really nice girl who she really bonded with along with some other great girls.

Brie n marie Throughout the year, my girl would innocently leave her laptop in her room or wherever her friends might be, thinking it was safe.

No Facebook status is safe with MP as a friend! She will update your status with the most RANDOM things.

Can I just say I this girl?

Here are just a few status updates she’s come up with:

rrrr. the life of a pirate

giraffes and alligators and hippopotamuses horrah!

antelopes and cantelopes and barly and carly are my favorite!!!!

thank you for letting me use your computer. love a secret admirer

giraffes and flamingos and zebras are my favorite! I adore them so! also. I am writing a paper. so no one may talk to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elves Elves Little Golden Elves.

giraffes and baby cheetahs and flamingos holla!

What would college life be like without friends like this? Guess what? Now MP is Baby’s roomie! Oh, I can’t wait to read her status updates!

MP, update me, update me!


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