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Saturday, September 18, 2010

EBeanstalk.com Website

logo Have you heard of EBeanstalk.com? They have a great selection of toys for children in all age ranges!

Do you know anyone looking for baby toys? I have a coworker who had her first baby just a few months ago and I know she’d love the Chime Garden. How adorable is that?

Chime GardenCheck out the toys for one year olds. They separate out into categories for easier shopping such as “Top Sellers For Girls”, “Top Sellers For Boys”, and general “Top Sellers”. What a great help for anyone looking in that age range.

At the bottom of each age range, such as toys for two year olds, you will find a toy buying guide! How handy is that? Especially for people who might not know exactly what to get or what is safe for a certain age range!

On their homepage there are 2 fantastic helps for families and friends. First there is the Birthday Reminder. All you have to do is put in the child’s name and birthdate and you’ll be sent an email reminder!

Secondly there’s a page called Grandparents Central. They give milestones on how their grandchild is probably developing, expert advice, and to top it off, there’s a Grandparents Hotline!

slide-grandparents EBeanstalk.com has 3 simple rules:

RULE NUMBER 1: Make the kids happy.

RULE NUMBER 2: Make the parents, grandparents, friends and relatives happy.

RULE NUMBER 3: Have fun at what we do.

Pretty good set of rules for an online toy retailer!

My boys are in the older category and I think if I gave them the option to choose whatever toy they wanted from EBeanstalk.com this is what they’d choose:


What they’d probably end up with, and what’s more in my budget, is something they’ve been wanting all summer:

remote lamborghiniA remote control car. That one is a Lamborghini. The boys have been playing with the neighbor kids and have been asking for their own! We shall see.

Have fun checking out their site. I’ll have a review of one of EBeanstalk.com’s toys by next month!

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