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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Costume Supercenter Review

logo Fall is in the air. Along with Fall comes Halloween. It gets more challenging as my boys get older to find a costume they find “worthy” of wearing in front of their friends, at least that’s how it is with my 11 yr old.

Well, this summer my son watched Star Wars more times than I can count. The entire series!

When I started thinking about what costume he might want to wear this year, I knew a Star Wars costume would be the place to start.


HalloweenHomeSub_06 I had no clue how many kids Halloween costumes were available in the Star Wars line! And there are differing price points to choose from which makes Costume Supercenter affordable.

I let Buddy go through the costumes and choose the design he liked the most. It was so hard as a mom not to choose the coolest looking one! LOL

IMG_3581 He ended up choosing the Clone Trooper Leader Rex costume! As soon as it was delivered he was wearing it! Buddy is pretty excited about going out this year!

One of the features I appreciate about Costume Supercenter is their Free Exchanges on costumes. Who out there doesn’t worry about getting the wrong size or just realize once the product is received it’s not exactly what you wanted? Typically ordering online isn’t helpful in this area. Costume Supercenter makes exchanging easy and it’s an “Exclusive Industry First”.

For a limited time you can receive 20% off your order over $30. You can use coupon code Take30 when checking out.

Some categories at Costume Supercenter you might want to look into for unique costume experiences:

HalloweenHome_08 Group Costumes

Duo Costumes

Plus Size

What’s New For 2010

Do you have a child that is 4 years old or under? Well if you do, from now until November 10, 2010 @ 12:00 pm (PST) you can enter your little one wearing one of their “specific” costumes in the Cutest Baby Costume Contest! See site for details!

HalloweenHome_09And lastly, Costume Supercenter ships orders the same day you place your order as long as it’s done before 3pm. Check their site for additional details.

You can find Costume Supercenter:



I’d like to thank the Costume Supercenter for sending a costume for my son to review. He is very happy with it! The opinions expressed are our own.


  1. This is a great costume....my son was clone trooper last year, got lots of great comments!

  2. That's so funny, my son is obsessed with Star Wars, and will probably choose that same costume this year. He was Darth Vader last year. we just had the Star Wars Houseparty a couple weekends ago and had a ton of fun! I'm so glad I came across your blog! We seem to have a lot of the same things going on in our lives!


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