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Friday, September 10, 2010

Minnesota Blogger Conference

imattending2 I am so excited. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day! I’m headed to Minneapolis for the Minnesota Blogger Conference.

I will be seeing Erika from The Girl Next Door Grows Up again! This time we’ll even have the opportunity to socialize. Our last 2 events were busy with the events themselves.

What is the MNBlogConf? Well, let me share a little bit about it.

This is the inaugural year for the Conference which will be held at CoCo’s. This year it will be a one-day event. They’re hoping it will be able to grow! The most amazing part of it all, it’s completely done on a volunteer basis. Welcome to Minnesota “nice”!

Of course, I’m completely intimidated. I’m a fairly new blogger and I don’t blog like everyone else. I don’t blog about a specific topic. There will be people knowledgeable in their respective niches attending and then there’s “me”. Eh heh heh heh

At the website it says:

“We have bloggers who write about politics, parenting, food, sports, fashion, technology, communications and even weight loss! You name it, we have it covered.”

What about us random people or am I the only one? Maybe I’m an enigma. That could be good, right?

So who’s in charge of organizing this shindig? Check ‘em out:

Melissa (aka Missy) from The Marketing Mama chronicling her parenting experiences and reflections on being a working (and newly divorced) mom.


Arik Hanson from Communications Conversations and has spent the last few years focusing on the world of digital PR and blog marketing.


Suzi Magill writes at pinkvanillacupcakes.com  her blog is about life as a working mom raising two daughters, living with a robot husband, and finding ways to be healthier and smarter.


Katie Schutrop newbie blogger over at blogger over at Katie in Mpls and has had her posts featured on Secrets of the City and Brazen Careerist.


  1. Hi Following from Touchdown Sunday...would love to have you follow back!

  2. I bet you'll have a blast. I'm going to see if Michigan has one!

    Hugs & love,


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