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Friday, January 7, 2011

Two Blogs Or One? That Is The Question

Ok, so since March of last year I’ve had two blogs. This one and Woven by Words.

Why have I had two blogs? Because I figured people would prefer to not read my personal stuff, mostly at the time my Christian book reviews, along with my product reviews. I had the bright idea to create a second site specifically for giveaways.

Now I’m struggling wondering if I made the right choice. I have to keep up both sites, which might not seem to be that big of a deal to the average Jane, but for me it’s just not that easy. I’m distracted by both sites and feel like I get nothing accomplished.

Ugh, if I combine both sites anyone who wants to read just my reviews and giveaways will have to deal with my personal stuff and Christian diatribe (which I don’t know the last time I went on and on about my faith).

Then, the biggest issue (which has multiple parts) is doing away with my Marvelous Mom Reviews site. Sigh…This is such a quandary. Has anyone combined or separated their blogs and have an opinion for me?

I could really use some advice.

Who knows, maybe a year from now I’ll still have two blogs and wondering what I should do. You need to know I’m wishy washy and have a hard time making decisions. Welcome to my life!

*posted originally on Woven by Words with a few edits to fit MMR


  1. I've struggled with the same thing. I began a blog in 2006, about 4-months after my first son was born. Then in 2008 I began Cakeblast as a blog to express opinions about everything from technology to make life easier and more fun to television and sociopolitical rants.

    As I continued Cakeblast, I found myself writing more about my son there and neglecting to include little entries into my first blog at RiverCobain.com - I have all but abandoned my first blog as I came to discover that separate blogs could only work for me if I were covering a very specific niche.

    I am one person so any blog is ultimately going to be about me. I am unable to separate my life as a Dad and a Christian from my opinions on gadgets and products enough to make two blogs feasible.

    I don't write extensively enough about any one thing to justify two blogs so Cakeblast is my Dadblog with product reviews and my first site has all but been abandoned - especially after my webhost OS failure crashed it and left me with days of work if I were to restore the templates that I lost.

  2. Since I have multiple blogs about different things, I have to say I enjoy having them seperate.

    good luck deciding!

  3. I'm not a blogger, so of course I have an opinion :) As a blog reader, I say whether you have two blogs or one blog, people are only going to read the parts they want anyway.

    I'm sure there are business considerations in combining the blogs, but would one possibility be to make Marvelous Mom Reviews part of Woven by Words? I don't know how the software works, but maybe it would be possible for your combined blog to open with two links, like a fork in the road, and let readers decide which path to travel or which path to travel first?

    Perhaps most importantly, from one person to another, have you prayed about it?


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