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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Stay at Hampton Inn ~ Unsponsored

hdr_logo My trip out to VA was three days with 3 kids and 1 dog. I called Hilton to find out which of their properties in OH would take us with a dog.

Many of the places that accepted dogs wanted a $50 non-refundable deposit (OUCH!) or only took dogs under 25 pounds. I have a Border Collie mix and he’s more like 50 pounds, especially with the meds he’s on.

The gal from Hilton gave me the number of the Hampton Inn in Newcomerstown, OH. She said they accepted dogs but didn’t have any information about the rest. I gave them a call and reached Marilyn. She was so nice and helpful! She found a discount that fit my family and they took Rugby: no deposit and no size limit!NWCOHHampton_Inn_Newcomerstown_home_leftI called while we were driving to make sure our room was still available and the gal I talked to wanted to make sure we were still stopping. Trust me, after the day we’d had we were stopping!

They were just off the freeway. When we arrived we were greeted well taken care of. Marilyn had set us up on the ground floor right next to the pool. She knew what questions to ask and how to help us feel at home. I was also happy to find out they provided breakfast the next morning.

We got to our room and I was so excited to see the comfy beds. I felt like I was getting into bed in a guest room at someone’s house, not at a hotel. The comforter…oh the comforter! You know how people are known for stealing robes from hotels? If it weren’t illegal I would’ve walked with that cozy comforter! LOLIMG_4674

My boys wanted to hit the pool immediately. So they changed and off we went. They had it to themselves. Buddy, 11, got into the pool and immediately said, “This is the best pool I’ve ever been in! You know how it takes me a long time to get into the pool? This is the best temperature ever!” How’s that for a review? Both my boys loved playing in the pool in the middle of winter!

Another perk about where our room was situated was the proximity to the outside. Rugby had a hard time going potty on our trip so Baby and I took him out numerous times. Finally at 4am he woke me up because he was ready to go. As we came around the back of the building there were 3 HUGE deer that took off! It was so cool.

NWCOHHX_Hampton_Inn_Newcomerstown_dining_on-the-house_hot_breakfast Breakfast in the morning was spectacular! Oh my goodness, they’ve cornered the market with their topped bagels! It was a fully loaded breakfast with everything you can imagine.

There was a couple there I met who had been staying there for like 10 days because their house and burned down! It was their last day there and were going to temporary housing. They had gotten to know the people at the hotel and you could tell that they’d been well taken care of. They had their dog with them as well.

I want to thank the staff and anyone involved in our stay at the Hampton Inn in Newcomerstown, OH. It was probably the best hotel stay I’ve ever had!

This review is unsponsored. I paid for the room myself and was NOT compensated in any way.


  1. Unfortunately in this day and age it's hard to come by great customer service so I love hearing good review stories like this!

  2. I paid for the room myself and was NOT compensated in any way. LOL, by the sound of your wonderful post, you were compensated with a great memory. It's so nice when motels/hotels accept pets.


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