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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Family Traveling In the US

My kids and I love to travel by car…well minivan to be more specific. We have driven from WA to MN where our new home was to be. After we moved here, we did a LOT more traveling.
We have done huge road trips with extended family to Florida twice. We all loaded up in various vehicles and drove straight thru from Chicago to Orlando. All the adults would just rotate driving and sleeping.
Wondering how we managed to stay awake for 24 hours of non-stop driving? Books on CD! Oh, and coffee, lots of coffee. We did stop for necessities, but we had movies galore for the kids to watch and cousins to play with. Yes, we swapped the cousins as well. One time Grandma and Grandpa drove down to Florida, too, so they had a motorhome for the kids to stretch in on the way home.DSC03633
My boys even got to travel to Canada this past Summer with their cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents! I’m tellin’ ya, we are a traveling family. The above photo is a photo Buddy snapped on their way up in the awesome full size traveling van that is loaded! Hello, that’s the way to go! *grin*
As a family we’ve also driven to VA from MN about 5 times. It’s always an adventurous drive. My oldest daughter and I drove, with my boys and dog tagging along this past December and absolutely loved the trip! Whenever we visit my family we take a drive up to Washington D.C. and go to as many of the Smithsonian Museums as possible. We try to add something new every year. This year we did the Spy Museum! I thought it rocked.IMG_4754
Now, if I could create the ideal traveling getaway, I would take the summer and drive from one end of the US and back. I would start in June and finish in August. I’d want to visit places like Gettysburg, the Kentucky Derby, the Alamo, the Grand Canyon, Old Faithful, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic, and so on.
I’ve been to most states, except I’ve never been to New England. I’d probably want to go there as it got closer to the end of August. Can you imagine how beautiful it would be?
My 19 yo daughter has probably visited more states than most of the kids in Minnesota because they just don’t do a lot of traveling here like we do by car. She can boast having driven in: Michigan, Illinois, South Dakota, Wyoming, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Indiana. Of course we can’t forget MN where we currently live.
I’d have to say we love driving as a family. There are always such amazing sites to see, but usually our driving consists of getting somehwere so we don’t get to take it all in like a tourist. That’s what I’d like to do on a summer long getaway. Take our time, soak in our beautiful country, and learn more about the history around us.
If you could take a trip driving around the US, where would you want to go and why?
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  1. We love road trips, too. Every year we take the Big Fat Family Roadtrip. My kids have driven through 24 of the contiguous states and this summer we're off to Seattle!

  2. We are a driving family too & love our van & our 1986 motor-home.

    I'm hoping for a summer trip with the boys this summer, it gets so much harder when they get older and get bored with stuff mom wants to do.



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