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Monday, February 7, 2011

PowerRangers: Samurai emPower


The Power Rangers are back!  With a new cast, a new look and a new network, Power Rangers: Samurai debuts on Nickelodeon Monday, Feb. 7th at 8pm EST before moving to it's regular spot on Sundays at noon on Nickelodeon. 

The world's most successful kids action series is in it's 19th season and has moved from Disney to Nickelodoen and just got a shiny, martial-arts-influenced reboot.

Combining comedy with action-filled storylines, the all-new half-hour series features a new cast of Rangers and never-before-seen villains, as well as high-octane action, martial arts and advanced special effects.

A new generation of heroes is about to explode out of the darkness to battle bad guys everywhere!powerrangers636[1] 
The new Rangers, Jayden, Kevin, Mia, Emily and Mike, harness the mystical Samurai Symbols of Power to fight evil with the elements of Fire, Water, Sky, Forest and Earth.

They are not alone in their struggle. An all-knowing mentor and special spirit animals called Zords aid in their attack against the relentless dark forces.

emPOWER Kids

The emPOWER movement will launch along with the new series.  emPOWER provides parents and kids the tools they need to work together to grow healthy kids and support healthy communities. 

emPOWER inspires participation in schools, online and in local communities to demonstrate the Power Rangers values:

* Standing for What's Right
* Teamwork and Cooperation
* Confidence
* Health and Physical Fitness
* Caring and Friendship

power-rangers-samurai[1]About The Episode:In the action-packed premiere episode, “The Team Unites,” after Mike can’t anticipate an attack like Kevin and Jayden, he grows frustrated and takes a break from training to meet up with old friends. But when a long-armed monster named Rofer attacks, Mike unsuccessfully attempts to fight him alone, and his friends are injured. Jayden and Mentor explain the hard truth that Samurai Rangers must stay away from family and friends in order to protect them from the dangers that are involved with being a Ranger. Inspired, Mike begins to take his role and training as a Samurai Ranger more seriously. With Jayden’s help, Mike uses his training and creativity to anticipate Rofer’s moves and defeats him.

You can find more information like Downloads, Games, Episodes and much more at the Power Rangers emPower website.

Is your school or child participating in the Power Rangers in-school program?

During January and February 2011, Gym Class Kits including Fitness guides and bulletin board messaging are being delivered to more than 4500 participating U.S. elementary schools. The guides include group activities focused on Power Rangers values and physical fitness, designed for Kindergarten – 3rd grade students. Each participating school is entered for a chance to win: a visit from the Samurai Power Rangers and a $10,000 donation to their physical education program.

Every week the emPOWER website will feature a young person who's making a difference in their family, school, or community. Nominated by parents on the emPOWER facebook page, we'll feature the Ranger of the Week's photo and story to inspire kids, parents, and teachers about how kids are making a difference.

Your child can also “Samurai” themselves at the Power Ranger website.

My Review:

I thought the debut of Power Rangers Samurai was a good one. This will be another series that my boys will want to catch each of. Unfortunately it’ll air during church so they’ll have to catch reruns, but we’re used to that on Nickelodeon.

I remember watching many of the other series because my oldest son is 11 and we’ve been watching these for about 5 yrs. As a mom, I have to say the bad guys crack me up. They are the goofiest looking, dopiest, trouble makers since Godzilla movies.

I asked Doodle, 7yo what he thought of the show and he said he liked it. I asked him if he’d watch more of the shows and he said, "Maybe.” He hasn’t explained what he means by “maybe” even though I’ve asked him a couple different ways.

I think Power Ranger shows help kids to learn how to help others, become better people, and to not rely only on themselves. I like the lessons that they teach. It’ll be interesting to get my 11yo’s opinion of the show. He’ll have to watch it next Sunday hopefully.

I am eligible to win a gift card from One2One Network for posting my opinion of the show. I have not been compensated for this review and the opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.

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