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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A CSNstores Opportunity!

CSN_Stores_Logo We are an occasional travel family. I love road trips, that’s for sure, but our “luggage” leaves a lot to be desired! For the most part we used duffle bags or things we’ve gotten for free. I can’t even tell you what brand any of them are, if there’s even a brand.

And when I say “free” I mean duffle bags from my daughter’s college open house, trips to the state fair, etc. Not something that was sent to me.

My daughter’s on the other hand travel by air more than I do with school competitions or for vacation or mission trips. Lucky girls, but they can have it. I’m pretty much done with air travel. Anxiety attacks are NOT something I’m fond of. I’ll stick to the road.

I have to admit we are a duffle bag kind of family. I say that only because they’re squishable and since I typically have to jam pack my minivan squishability is a necessity. Delsey luggage from the Luggage.com CSNstores has some great selections.

Check out this awesome Delsey Helium Hyperlite 26" Rolling Duffel bag. I like that we’d be able to roll it around making it easier for my boys to help instead of me trying to lug 4-5 bags around on my own.Helium Hyperlite 26_ Rolling DuffelOh my goodness, my oldest daughter would LOVE the Helium Zip 25” Suiter Trolley in Raspberry Red. That color would send her to the moon!Helium Zip 25%94 Suiter Trolley in Raspberry RedWhen we do travel, I always make sure we have one bag that has our overnight stuff for each night we are on the road. This makes it so much easier than unloading the large pieces just for a change of clothes.Something like this Helium Fusion Lite 2.0 Personal Bag in Black would work perfectly.Helium Fusion Lite 2_0 Personal Bag in BlackI’d like to thank CSNstores for the opportunity to do a giveaway in my next CSNstores post! Keep an eye out for it!!

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