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Friday, February 11, 2011

AVONdreamers Ambassadorship Opportunity: I Need Your Help

Avon Dreamers Ambassador If you’ve met me in person, you know I’m not huge in the make-up department. That in and of itself might make you question why I’d want to be part of Avon and their Ambassador Program.
First of all, I like make-up when I have a reason to wear it. I just don’t get the opportunity a lot. Second of all, Avon is so much more than just make-up. Take for example my favorite perfume EVER: Today.Avon Today PerfumeI also love their Anew line. I’ve used the Clinical Advanced Wrinkle Corrector for those not so cool wrinkles I have between my eyebrows.Avon Clinical
My legs have been happy to have the AVON BASICS Care Deeply with Cocoa Butter Body Lotion with this dry weather. I need some intensive lotion for my hands. I’m thinking MOISTURE THERAPY Intensive Treatment Hand Cream!Avon Intensive Now, back to the AVONdreamers Ambassadorship opportunity for me. I’ll be hosting the Ambassadorship over at my other blog Woven by Words!! If I am one of the top 2 with votes I will become an Ambassador and I’ll be able to pass on products I receive to you!! Woo Hoo
Here’s where you come in to play! I need you to nominate me for an AVONdreamers Ambassadorship by asking you to post "I nominate Mimi @ Woven by Words for an AVONdreamers Ambassadorship" on their facebook wall. The two bloggers with the most nominations on March 5 will be named AVONdreamers Ambassadors. To be fair, 1 nomination per person please.
Thank you so much!!


  1. http://www.facebook.com/AvonDreamers#!/permalink.php?story_fbid=199808450036290&id=542445512
    Here is my nom! G'Luck. You will make a great one.
    If you have not voted and validated could you (and about 1000 friends) Vote for our house to win a CSN Store Bathroom makeover? Please? We are in a sad 3rd place


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