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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hasbro: Ji Ga Zo Puzzle

Hasbro When I first read about Hasbro’s Ji Ga Zo Puzzle I wasn’t exactly sure how it was going to work. Then I got the puzzle and software in the mail and still wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing.
I figured the best thing to do was put the software onto my computer and see what it had to say. After loading the software and still seeing the same directions I just thought, “I’m going to go through the process because I should be able to figure it out as I go.”
Hello. I think the directions are so simple my brain couldn’t comprehend them! LOL I kept looking at the cardboard puzzle boards wondering how I was going to get them into my printer. Clearly I was not understanding how this was supposed to work.Games TpltMerchGuide_p1In case anyone is as simple minded as me, here’s what Jin Ga Zo is in a nutshell:
Ji Ga Zo is revolutionizing the puzzle category! This awesome puzzle has 300 pieces that you arrange to create any face — even your own! Start out with any digital image and upload it using the Ji Ga Zo software. The software figures out the placement of each piece and builds a unique icon map. Then, it’s up to you to arrange the pieces according to the icon map and watch your own special image come together! These 300 pieces are specially created with unique colors and shading that let them interlock to create almost any face image you upload. The possibilities are virtually endless and the “face-making” fun goes on and on! CD-ROM includes icon maps for Mona Lisa, a collie dog, a kitten, a panda bear and MR MONOPOLY.
I chose to do a photo of Doodle since he was home sick today. I thought he might be more interested in doing a puzzle that was all about him.
I laid the paper next to the grid that is sent with the puzzle. We each took 2 colors and started finding each of the pieces that matched the printed paper. The first row took a little while as we got our bearings. From there we started to rock it out.Ji Ga Zo
Doodle says about what he thought of the puzzle, “Good. I like the creativity. It was easy to figure out.”
Buddy says, “Good, I liked it a lot. I thought it was a really cool design and stuff.”
It was so cool as the puzzle began to take shape. It was fun to stand back and look at the photo as it progressed into being something we could see.
I tell you what, this could be one of my favorite puzzles EVER!! I plan on bringing this up to great grams with us this summer with a lot of photos printed out. The two games played at great grams are dominoes and puzzles. Puzzles are a favorite past time with the kids and their grandma and great grandma. For them puzzles are memory makers and what better way to do that than with a personalized photo puzzle!
The one thing that I wish had come with the puzzle was resealable bags for the different colored pieces. Sure, I have my own bags, but I'd have liked to have had them provided in the box.

Be sure to find and friend Hasbro Games on the web:
I’d like to thank Hasbro for sending me the Ji Ga Zo puzzle for review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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