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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Child Safe

toddler_header This is going to be an interesting summer for me. This will be the first year I don’t have my girls home helping me with my boys. My oldest is staying in the cities to work and my 2nd oldest is going to India on a mission trip.

That means my 2 boys, 10 and 6 (both have bdays next month) will have to hang out with babysitters, mostly teen girls. Fun for them!

With all of that comes the concern for safety. My boys being watched by teen girls always has its drawbacks! Hopefully they will listen and remember my words of safety. But as we all know, things happen.

This is where I find a level of comfort with Our Child Safe. They have a thorough online “Amber Alert Registry & Medical Alert” site. I added both boys. Here’s what I find wonderful about having all the information in one place:

  • Their physical descriptions
  • Ability to add additional information such as scars or birthmarks
  • Can load 3 photos: front, profile and full
  • Schools they attend
  • Time they are usually home
  • “Comforting & key words your child will recognize”

The last one really grabbed me. If something were to happen to our child whether they were in an accident or something worse, they’d have these comforting words being said to them, hopefully, by the person who found them. It would give the child such a level of security. Mine has key words that would speak to my child’s heart and mind.

“Our Child Safe™ and the Amber Alert Registry is recognized as the nation’s leading source for protecting our children before a child goes missing, runs away or has an accident. Since an alarming number of one million kids+ go missing in the US each year, an astounding ten million have unexpected emergency room visits. This cutting edge, web tool is powered by parents and allows them to update their child’s profile at any time with no cost. It contains their child’s latest personal information (height, weight, photo, medical issues and more) which parents can give to law enforcement officials immediately when a situation arises. This allows them to print a flyer of the missing child or get the information to the media within minutes of notification-- thereby saving critical seconds to initiate an appropriate response.”

At the top of the page you will see a ticker keeping track of how many kids have been reported missing and how many have been taken to the ER.

our child safe 2 Can I ask you a question? Have you ever gone to a local fair and been given a pack to be able to write this stuff down? Do you know where it is? I’ve gotten those same safety kits and haven’t a CLUE as to where they are.

With Our Child Safe all I do is go to the website, log-in, and there’s everything I need to share with authorities.

  • General Profile
  • Medical Info ~ Co-founder and President, Zephora Haddon says, “By expanding the medical database section of our site and enhancing its usefulness, parents have the best possible protection for their children.”
  • Law Info ~ She goes on to say, “Our site is now fully equipped for law enforcement officials to have the most vital information they need in any emergency.” Haddon is also a parent and knows first-hand the importance of this life-saving database.

our child safe 3 You can find Our Child Safe at:



I’d like to thank Our Child Safe for the opportunity to list my boys for the next year. This review is my opinion and may not reflect the experience of everyone. I’d alsothe product review place button like to thank The Product Review Place Blogger Select Group for connecting me with OCS.

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