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Friday, May 28, 2010

Feel Good Friday ~ 5 Good Things

I'd like to thank Laura at The Girl Next Door Grows Up for encouraging us to find the good in life each Feel Good Friday. There are 5 different topics to choose from to share about your happiness this week. Go check it out!

For me I'm doing: "Just make a list. List 5 things that made you really happy this week. No matter how bad or boring you think your week was, I bet you can find 5 things."

Here are my 5 things:

1. My oldest daughter came home for a couple of days. The only downer to this is I've had to work. So, I haven't really gotten to spend any time with her. Tonight she's at a bonfire. She goes back to the summer dorm tomorrow. I'm happy to have her presence here in our home!

2. I am thoroughly enjoying the sun. The weather is beautiful here and I believe that when we go to heaven this is what it will feel like! The grass is growing, although I'm terrible at helping it at all, my perennials are blooming, and the trees are green, green, green!

3. I'm going on a field trip today with my youngest son. We're going to the Children's Museum. I'm bummed because my 5th grader's field trip is today, too and I can't go with him. He's going to the Omni Theater and that would've been awesome! I believe they're taking a tour of the Capital and I haven't gotten to do that either!!

4. Baseball is going really well for my son. They haven't won, but the mood of the team is so much more positive than it was last year. Last year he didn't get to play except a couple innings in the outfield, if he was lucky. The coachs' kids played all the major positions. This is 9-10 yr olds! This year, they rotate positions (at least for now), and the batting line up is always the same. It's completely fair! I am so thankful to the guys who are coaching and for understanding that this is the age where they learn. Oh, and the boys have played 2 teams where they have to TRYOUT to be on the team! Honestly? At this age. Is this about the kids or the coaches? Yah, you can say this is a soapbox topic for me. LOL

5. I have the weekend off!



  1. Hi, I'm over from Feel Good Friday.

    Those are definitely 5 great things to feel good about.

    My oldest girl has just come home from her first year of college. It was so hard, harder than I ever thought, having her leave us, but she thrived and blossomed and had such a successful year. It's wonderful to see this teenaged girl come home already morphing into this lovely adult before our eyes.

    It was so hard to let her go. But, she has found her way. And that gives me great joy.

    Have a great Friday!

  2. What a great list!
    Here's Feel Good Friday! I have a long weekend, yay!

  3. I can't belive the league let them do that last year - that is totally wrong!!!!

    What is wrong with today's society?

    Ahhh the weather. And yet, I sit here at my table and look outside. I should really go blog outside and try to get some sun. I am white as a sheet!

    I hope you are having fun at the Children's Museum!! We only go in the summer because I hate going during cold and flu season there are so many snotty kids!

  4. Two field trips - that is an abundance.
    I'm happy for you having your daughter home. Nothing like absence to make the appreciation grow.

    Have your best weekend ever.

  5. I feel that way about my daughter too. When she comes home, she brings an energy with her.

    I hope you had fun on the museum field trip!


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