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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Growing Tree Toys

As I get this site up and running, I am looking for new companies to be connected with. There are so many out there it's hard to know where to start. I typically go to Google and start typing in random words that I think might give me new, fun companies that might find Marvelous Mom Reviews a great place to be seen!

One of the companies I recently connected with through their Blog Network is Green Tree Toys. They have been connected with bloggers for a number of years. They give updates on toy brands, announce that they are looking for bloggers for a certain product, member discounts, and sponsorship opportunities. There is a wealth of information on Green Tree Toys.

So, what happens when you join Green Tree Toys Blog Network? You are given the opportunity to win a $100 gift certificate! Wow, that's to start off with! You can take advantage of the Membership Discounts if they are available (coming in May).

I'm pretty excited about their Educational Line of toys. I love when my boys learn while exploring, playing, and pretending! My boys would have a hey-day in the Science Kit section! And with today being Earth Day, it's great to know they have Eco-Friendly Toys! I also like how they break down each toy for us parents to understand more about the toy such as : Developmental Benefits, Types of Play, Eco-Friendly, and the Product Rating.

I would encourage you to check out their site and if you're a blogger to learn more about their blogging program. It will be worth the visit! Can't wait to bring you a Product Review down the road!


  1. Love that site! How do you join their blog network?

  2. These look fantastic! Being an educator, I will DEFINITELY be checking these out!

  3. Kathryn from Mommy Kat and Kids here! Thanks so much for following, I'm following too now! I love Green Tree Toys, and it's so nice when companies have a blogger program. Thanks for the post! :)


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