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Friday, March 26, 2010

A Different Kind of Hero by Leah Beth Evans Review

A Different Kind Of Hero
by Leah Beth Evans

Illustrated by Colleen Gedrich

ISBN-13: 978-0979504525


The rainforest is under attack.
One monkey is determined to save it.
His name is Tomagochi.

He's brown.
He's small.
He's plain.

But when a group of men enters the rainforest armed with bulldozers and axes, Tomagochi the monkey springs into action to defend his natural habitat.

While larger animals like Peshe the tiger run and hide, Tomagochi charges into battle.

Will he be victorious?

Will the rainforest be saved?

Join Tomagochi as he fights to protect his home and discovers just how special he truly is.

My Review:

This is a great book written by Leah Beth Evans when she was in 4th grade. When I first started reading this encouraging story, I was concerned about the writing. I didn't realize this had been written by a child. As I read through the story, I thought that my 10 yr old could've written this book. How was I going to do a positive review?

Finally I made it to the end of A Different Kind of Hero where I learned, thankfully, that this had been written by a little girl. Imagine my relief. I was able to go back and read the story with an entirely new perspective and enjoyed the story that much more.

A Different Kind of Hero is about Tomagachi, the monkey. He doesn't think he's anything special, but his friends, Peshe the Tiger and Mocho the Tucan try to help him believe in himself. Tomagachi thinks that everyone else is prettier or can do better things than he can. At the end of the story through a scary situation, he was able to learn of his strengths.

What a great way to show children two ideas: 1) you can do anything even if you're a kid...like write a book, and 2) the story will help children see that there's something special in each of us. I know that at Amazon they have the age range of 9-12, but honestly, a 1st grader could read this story. It would be a wonderful read for that age!

About The Author:

Leah Beth Evans was inspired to write her story as a 4th grade student after studying about the rainforest. She continues to enjoy writing stories and poetry. However, her story A Different Kind of Hero has always been one of her favorites.

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  1. Thanks Mimi for helping to spread the word about Leah Beth's writing and Colleen's illustrations :)

  2. sounds and looks like a great book! Rachel will love this! I'll have to look for it!!! ~Melissa (snickersncream.blogspot.com/

  3. HOW awesome is this? It would be great to have this book in my classroom to show my students another student's work! FANTASTIC!


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